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Rocket Racing Wheel and Tire Combo

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My little grey coupe has been in a few of Speedway’s print ads this year, so it’s been seen by quite a few people across the country. Occasionally I get a transferred call from our call center from a customer asking for “the fella that owns the grey coupe in this here print ad.” They’re usually delighted to hear that they’ll be talking to a gal. Most folks want to know about the wheel and tire combo. I’m proud of the coupe’s new look and attitude, so I’m always happy to share.

In other articles, I’ve written about installing spin-offs and locking lugs and they touch on the styling change, but I haven’t listed the part numbers of the main components. So here we have it; a definitive list of part numbers.

Rocket Wheels:

270-R3648520 (R33-648520) – 16”x4.5”, 5 on 5-1/2”, 2” BS, igniter painted - 2 qty

270-R3668535 (R33-668535) – 16”x6”, 5 on 5-1/2”, 3.5” BS, igniter painted - 2 qty

The finish I chose was GRY. The wheel center is painted gray (a color similar to as-cast aluminum) and has a machined outer lip.

Helpful Tips:
  • Make sure you check your bolt pattern to the new wheels before you mount the tires. Most wheel manufacturers won't allow returns of wheels that have been mounted.
  • You don't need to use a tube for those tires. They can simply be mounted on the wheel and expanded with air.
  • When you do mount these, make sure you get the tire mount lube off the machined outer lip of the wheel right away. If not, it may etch the machined area and ruin the look of your new wheel.
Something I Learned:
  • Tires come wrapped in plastic and look like bicycle tires. Fear not, they'll look great mounted.

The spinners were an extra expense I hadn’t planned, but they look killer and really finish the style.

Our street Merchant Jeff K. helped me pick out the wheel/tire combo for the coupe. He’s a pro at styling cars. If you have an even more traditional style coupe (flathead, banjo rear end, etc.), check out these new vintage wheels. They’re available in 15” and 16” diameters. They may be the perfect style for your ride.

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