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Old Tire Sizes Explained & Conversion Chart

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Tire Size Guide

Breaking down your tire size conversion has always been a hassle. With our Tire Size Guide, you can now decipher all the information pertaining to the tire, making the selection of the replacements that much easier. Here we have brought together a comprehensive list of Radials, Poly/Fibers, Bias-Ply's, Cheater Slicks, and Dragster Slicks. You'll find the original tire size listed, and each of the related measurements broken down for each of them.

How Tire Sizes Explained
Tire size dimensions graphic
Old Tire Size Conversion Chart

Using the chart below, find the vintage tire size conversion for your Radials, Poly/Fibers, Bias-Ply's, Cheater Slicks, or Dragster Slicks.

Old tire size conversion chart

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