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Redline Radial Tire Application- 1967 Chevelle

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I like to change wheels and tires. Kind of a lot. I think this all started back in high school when I worked for an Amoco service station. It was just that too. No convenience store, just a couple of pop coolers and a cigarette rack. We fixed tires, did oil changes and repairs and had a bonafide full-service island that was very popular. It was at this job where I became very used to having a tire machine at my disposal to swap out tires for better ones I may have scored. Or to “try on” a friend's custom wheels before delivering them mounted and balanced.

Having this affliction is difficult. Especially when you have a project vehicle in-progress as long as this one has been. Plans change, opportunities come up and before you know it, you’ve sold your Wide Oval Redlines in favor of some fat redline drag radials and a pair of skinny redlines for up front. After all, it’s a big block car now with some serious power. Those skinny bias F70’s will never hold that kind of power. These are the words I use to convince myself that I’m not crazy or impulsive. They almost work.

At any rate, with a narrowed 9” rear end housing I was able to upgrade my rear wheels to a 10” wide rim. The wheelhouses will easily accommodate a 275/60-15 tire on that rim and a little more if needed. I opted to wrap the rears in Nitto Drag Radials with an added touch of a 3/8” redline by Diamondback Classic.

Upfront, I chose to go with our Coker Classic Radial Redline on a 15x5” OE Steelie. They come in 185R-15 and fit the bill very well for Muscle Car applications. I’ve used these little tires on everything from a ’67 Camaro to a C10 as a front tire and they are an all-around great pairing with some of the larger BFG and other radial redline tires.

My secret weapon for all this wishy-washy tire swapping is my old Coates 4040 tire machine. I can guarantee that it has more miles on it than the tires that came off the Chevelle.

Ultimately, the Chevelle will have two looks when finished. One is what you see here. Black powder-coated steel wheels with ’66 caprice dog dish caps. Understated and subtle, especially on a black car with black interior. The other look is a little racier and flashy. But you’ll have to wait and see what that one is.

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