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Phoenix Brake Bleeding

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Phoenix Brake Bleeding

Let's face it: bribing your buddies to come push the pedal so you could bleed the brakes is starting to get expensive. Now, with the Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeding System, you can spend that money saved on more parts! Watch along as Stacey David of Gearz TV puts the system through its paces.

The versatility of the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder System is one of its primary attributes. With one tool you can bleed both brakes and clutches without having to have someone come in and help. A major difference between the traditional vacuum style pumps you may have encountered. The Phoenix Brake Bleeder directly interacts with your brake fluid or hydraulic fluid via the self contained pump.

The kit comes with several fittings of various styles to ensure connectivity to all sorts of brake and clutch bleeder screws, as well as a section of hose to connect from said fittings to the Phoenix Brake Bleeder System. Also included is a universal port adapter to allow for bench-mounted and pressure bleeding, a bottle adapter (because you’ll want this to prime the system before using it, otherwise you’re just introducing more air into a closed system where air is bad), and the often ignored instruction booklet.

Stacey starts out by demonstrating the Phoenix Brake Bleeder System in its role as a reverse bleeder system. This is where the bleeder systems forces the fluid from the caliper back up through the lines to the master cylinder, and along with it any air bubbles that may be in the lines. A reminder here that Stacey covers as well: Go slowly as you run the squeeze handle of the Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder system, otherwise you may have a geyser of brake fluid all over your nice clean engine bay.

Stacey then demonstrates the Phoenix Brake Bleeder System as a vacuum bleeder, which is essentially the reverse of reverse bleeding, by pulling the air bubbles that may be in the system down from the master cylinder and out the calipers. Keep in mind you are pulling fluid out of the master cylinder, so you may need to add fluid at the end of the procedure.

Lastly, Stacey illustrates how the Phoenix Brake Bleeder System can be used to help bleed the hydraulic lines on clutches that aren’t set up with a traditional bleed screw. Part of the kit components included is a taper tip that you insert into the weep hole on the clutch slave cylinder, and then proceed to bleed as you would normally.

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