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Model A Pedal Car Assembly

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift to spark a love of all things with four wheels for the little one in your life, we have a wonderful array of pedal cars available at Speedway Motors. They come already painted and are easy-to-assemble.

This blue Model A Roadster pedal car has full black fenders and running boards. All the little details that set this pedal car apart from the rest include chrome front bumper, headlight buckets, windshield, hood ornament and hubcaps. The wood-look steering wheel adds some fancy along with the luxurious looking pleated upholstery.

The first thing I noticed after I opened the very large box is that we’re serious about packing these little cars. So if you’re across the country, no need to worry about your new little pedal car. It’s snug as a bug in its packing box.

I learned it was easiest to just cut away the cardboard box with a utility knife. The box fell around the packing material allowing me to simply pull away the foam inserts. I laid out all the pieces to assess the project scope. As you can see, there’s only a handful of things to do. Most of the pedal car is already assembled and rolling.

The first item I tackled was to attach the spare tire onto the back of the car. A short black post fit into an assembly on the back bumper area of the car. A small set screw attached the post to the assembly. I used a screwdriver to tighten the screw.

The rear spare tire fit over the top of the post and a provided nut simply screwed onto the end of the post, securing the spare wheel/tire combo into place.

The next part was a little tricky for me. I needed to push out three little tabs in order to install the hubcap. I was nervous about letting the screwdriver accidentally slip and scratch the blue paint on the spare wheel. I ended up finding a shop rag to wrap around the flat screw driver. Once the hubcap was in place, I used the screwdriver and rag to push the tabs back in place to secure the cap.

The steering column was already installed in the dash of the pedal car. I pushed a flat washer over the column, put the steering wheel in place and hand turned the acorn nut to snug. For the windshield, I simply flipped the frame up into place and tightened two wingnuts by hand.

The front bumper pieces have a beautiful chrome finish. I figured out that this next part is easier if you have a helper to hold things in place as you.

Hold the bumper slats up against little chrome tabs as you turn a bolt with washer into a pre-tapped hole on the pedal car frame. It takes a little patience, or an extra hand, to get everything just right. Loosely tighten the bolts as you go. When you’re happy with the slat alignment, go ahead and tighten both bolts with a wrench.

And just like that, our little pedal car is assembled and ready to rumble down the sidewalk! These little roadsters make excellent gifts and are my go-to as a raffle item for charity events. Folks of all ages can’t help but become kids at heart when they see one.

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