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Speedway Tech Talk - Pedal Cars, Parts & Accessories

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Speedway Motors employee Tim M. sits down to talk about the selection of Pedal Cars and accessories available at Speedway Motors.

Tim starts talking about where it all began, with Speedy Bill himself. Bill had a passion for pedal cars, and amassed quite the collection that can be seen at the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed should you find yourself in our neck of the woods.

Tim brought out a couple pedal cars out to talk about. Tim’s daughter gets a lot of attention in her ’55 pedal car while dad is out in the garage. This got Tim to thinking, some of the earliest examples of pedal cars from the 1920’s were incredibly detailed. You would look in the trunks, and they would have tool kits, and even miniature gas lanterns in some cases. Tim surmises these pedal cars were potentially meant as training aids to teach young children how to be good caretakers of their automobiles later in life.

Things have changed a bit, but the pedal car culture is still alive and well, supported in part by Speedway Motors, and wholly by the enthusiasm of those who partake in it. Speedway Motors offers many different styles, from the ’55 you see behind Tim, to nostalgia style roadsters, and even fire trucks. Built of steel and available finished or unfinished, the possibilities are endless.

Speedway Motors also carries a large selection of restoration products for those of you looking to bring a pedal car back to life. Perhaps you remember that “Kiddilac” that you had, like Tim. If you’ve found one that needs some help, we can help!

To look over the full selection of pedal cars and components available at Speedway Motors, click here.

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