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Marx Henry of LizardSkin demonstrates the process of applying LizardSkin to your body panel of choice.

The first step is to tape off any areas you don’t want to coat with the LizardSkin. Then, use a scuff pad to scratch up the surface of the body panel, you don’t need to scuff it down to bare metal, you’re looking for a matte finish like you see in the video. If the panel you’re coating is painted, or is a factory reproduction that has been electronically coated, you are looking to give the surface just enough texture for the LizardSkin to bond to.

Once the product is in the spray gun and ready to go, Marx recommends that you stay about 9-10 inches away from the panel. The pattern that will come out is about the size of a softball, so between 5-6 inches in diameter. There won’t be your standard overspray that you see with traditional painting, but there is some excess splatter that will land outside of the spray zone. Since LizardSkin is water soluble, a wet rag should be sufficient to clean up any mess.

Marx demonstrates the cross-hatch pattern that is recommended to apply Lizard Skin. First, he sprays horizontally across the panel and then follows up with a vertical spray. Remember, the depth you are looking for is 0.020”- use the included depth gauge to get to the correct layer thickness.

The ceramic insulation LizardSkin is a similar application procedure. It is quite a bit thicker than the sound deadener, so there will be a little less splatter. You can use the same spray pattern as before, and again, cleanup is simple with just water.

There are multiple applications for the LizardSkin products, from garage doors, to the aluminum toolboxes that you see in the back of pickup trucks. To browse the full line of Lizard Skin products available at Speedway Motors, click here.

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