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Installing AVS Side Window Deflectors on 2013 Dodge Ram 1500

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I had the amazing opportunity to check out and help install AVS Side Window Deflectors on a friend’s 2013 Dodge Ram 1500. These window deflectors are pretty trick, look good, and are super simple to install. It only takes about 15-20 minutes from the time you open the package to the time you can sit back with a cold beer and admire your handy work.

Overall, the install for these types of covers couldn’t be any simpler. AVS provides a product that is specific to your year/make/model/body style and fit up nicely. They do a great job of keeping the rain and wind out of your cabin if you enjoy rolling around town or down the highway with the windows cracked open.

For install, AVS provides crystal clear instructions in the kit. It is nice to hold up each piece and get an idea of where the best placement is so when the time comes for final install you know where to go with each piece. My buddy, Jesse, had the good idea of tucking a little bit of the deflector underneath his mirror on the two front door covers to prevent the deflector from flapping or peeling up from the wind. It was a good thing to catch before installing them and you may need to consider it for your install if it works in your application.

The next step is to wipe down the surface with the provided alcohol wipe to clean the contact surface for good adhesion. We worked one door or deflector at a time. After wiping the contact surface down, you simply peel off the backing paper on the back of the deflector and stick it in place. AVS uses high quality double sided padded adhesive tape to affix these to your vehicle. No worries, this stuff is strong and once they are stuck down, they are not coming off!

We repeated those same steps for all the other doors of this sweet Big Horn Quad cab pick up truck. Inspecting our work, it appears everything is nice and lined up properly and looked really good. This is just one simple aftermarket improvement you can do to enhance both the comfort and looks of your daily driver.

Check out the picture below of the installed AVS Window Deflectors on this Dodge Ram!

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