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How to Install an LS1 Fuel Filter/Pressure Regulator

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Today, Josh and Joe are installing Speedway Motors' new Deluxe LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator in our 1952 Chevy truck. Our original part has been selling well for years, but this new design cleans up the look and takes potential leak points out by removing the adapters. The filter has the same configuration and mount, so it is an easy upgrade on existing systems using the Corvette style regulator and AN6 adapters.

We tested our filters for regulator accuracy and strength. The AN6 fittings are welded into the case and do not require a second wrench when snugging the lines on. For install, as with any fuel system fitting, it’s better to make them snug, pressurize the system to check for leaks and tighten any problem fittings if necessary. This avoids overtightening fittings that are already sealed and ruining fittings or damaging threads.

After a quick five minute install, our new LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator looks a lot cleaner and there are fewer places to leak. When you want to adapt a new LS motor into an older chassis, whether it's oil pans, headers, fuel system or front drive, we've got a complete selection to help you with your project.

The Deluxe LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator is a SEMA runner up winner for New Product of the Year in Street Rod/Hot Rod/Custom and selected for a 2020 Global Media Marketing Award!

Video Transcript

Joe: “Hey everyone! Welcome to Speedway Motors Tech Talk, I'm Joe and today Josh is here to talk to us about a new product.”

Josh: “Yeah, this is our new EFI AN6 filter and regulator. It's basically a copy of what the Corvettes had on them for their filter and regulator in their system. Returnless style system meaning that it didn't have a return all the way up at the motor on the fuel log, so this one will run a real short return back to the tank here, so you don't waste a lot of hose. We’ve been selling these well for a lot of years. Regulated 58 PSI but we were having to switch them over with those adapter AN fittings from the original GM quick-connect snap-together lines.”

Joe: “We're standing here under our yellow truck, we're about to install this new one and we're replacing the old one. This is an example of how they used to be with adapter, here's your GM plastic quick connect and then this is the adapter fitting to go out to a number 6 male and this just cleans it right up and takes a potential leak point out by removing the adapter and it should just plug right in place.”

Installing the new LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator

Josh: “So we're just going to put this back up in the spot of our old filter here, same line the same lengths and everything so it should mount right back up and fire back up here.”

Joe: “You can see where we are on the truck, we installed this towards the rear you know that's the beauty of this thing is that your return basically just has to go from here to here rather than all the way up from the fuel rail back to the tank. The cool thing about it too is when you talk about tidy fittings and eliminating leak points, this has a regulator in it also so it's pre-regulated at 58 PSI which is perfect for LS swaps. That way you don't have a separate filter or separate regulator and all of those fittings to go along with it and all that expense.”

Josh: “There is no hex on the filter for tightening against with our AN fitting, but I know that we tested a lot of these when we got our first samples made and you about had to have a breaker bar on them to get the fitting to actually twist on here.”

Joe: “So, you just tighten the end of the fitting without holding it?”

Josh: “Right, and as with any fuel system fitting, I get them pretty snug and then check for leaks and then snug them up a little more rather than just putting them stupid tight right away because that's a good way to not reuse fittings, stretch fittings and pull threads.”

Joe: “Alright we're done, that looks a lot better without all the extra fittings on it.”

Josh: “A little cleaner, less places to leak it and it mounted right back up to where the old one was. Easy to swap probably took us five minutes total.”

Joe: “Now we'll lower it, we'll prime the system and check for leaks and then we should be good.”

Joe: “Alright we're done that was maybe the easiest thing we've ever done back here.”

Josh: “Yeah, it was meant to be a straight swap for that old piece with the adapter fitting, so not really that elaborate of a piece but a much needed piece and simplified made exactly for the LS swap market rather than a GM piece with adapters. Just kind of highlighting that Speedway Motors covers everything soup to nuts on these cars and trucks. When you want to adapt to a new LS motor into an older chassis, whether it's oil pans, headers, fuel system, front drive, anything like that, we've got a really complete selection to be able to do this for these old trucks.”

Joe: Some people are still scared, an LS is some kind of a mystery, but parts like this take the mystery out of it. Thank you Josh and thanks to everybody for watching.”

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