Product Summary

Universal Fit, Gasoline Fuel Type, Steel, Zinc Plated

  • This AN6 fuel filter and regulator adds reliability and reduces cost with -6 AN inlet, outlet, and return fittings built into the assembly
  • Designed specifically for LS swaps or EFI conversions that require a reliable and professional fuel system solution
  • 58 PSI fuel pressure regulator is integrated into the filter and works well with modern fuel injected engines such as LS, Hemi, and more
  • Eliminates adapter fittings and includes a mounting bracket with rubber insulator to make installation a breeze
  • Five micron fuel filter is built into the assembly to protect your injectors and ensure a long service life

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91012808
BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel
FinishZinc Plated

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Speedway Motors 91012808 Details

  • Integrated AN6 inlet, outlet, and return fittings for use with AN6 fuel lines
  • Shorter return line requirement reduces amount of overall fuel line needed
  • Built in 58psi regulator for all LS and Hemi swaps and most aftermarket EFI systems
  • Utilizes 5 micron filter media to protect your expensive fuel injectors
  • Includes mounting bracket with ground strap and rubber insulator for quiet operation
  • No need for AN adapters that create additional potential fuel system leak points
  • Lower cost alternative than using a stock GM filter with AN adapter fittings
  • Works with in-tank or externally mounted EFI fuel pumps
  • No need for standalone regulator or pressure gauge and the extra fittings they need
  • Fully welded steel housing and fittings with paper filter element
  • Supports up to 450hp naturally aspirated applications
  • Filter bracket features 3/8-inch mounting hole (mounting fastener not included)

Our 2-in-1 LS Fuel Filter Regulator Is the Perfect Solution to Your LS Swap Fuel System Needs

Plumbing an EFI fuel system is quite a bit different than the carbureted fuel systems found on our favorite hot rods, muscle cars, and classic trucks. The single 5/16-inch steel line, mechanical fuel pump, and screw in fuel filter at the carb will flat out not cut it when you’re either adding aftermarket EFI to your vehicle’s current engine or swapping in something like the popular LS engine or modern Hemi. From the fuel pump to the fuel line, everything must be upgraded to handle the higher volume and pressures that are involved with electronic fuel injection.

Two critical aspects of an EFI fuel system are the higher filtration requirement and the need to regulate the electric fuel pump’s pressure. Most EFI systems utilize between a 5 and 10 micron “post” filter (meaning after the pump) to protect the sensitive and fine internals of the fuel injectors themselves. A fuel pressure regulator is sometimes used in a carbureted application, but it is mandatory with EFI. You’ll often find factory regulators mounted right on the engine’s fuel rails, or aftermarket models mounted on the firewall or inner fender. These require additional fuel line and fittings to plumb into the EFI fuel system, creating additional expense and potential leak points.

A better solution that many LS swap builders have come to love is to use the C5 Corvette’s factory LS fuel pressure regulator and filter assembly. This filter utilizes GM’s corporate quick disconnect fuel line fittings for servicing the filter/regulator, however these do not provide easy compatibility for use with the typical “AN” aftermarket fuel lines used with EFI conversions and LS swaps. The best solution used to be using quick connect to AN adapter fittings. However, these adapters increased the cost of the fuel line routing and provided additional potential leak points in the high pressure fuel system. Eliminating the need for adapters by adding the AN fittings directly to the filter/regulator solves both problems and that’s exactly what we did with our Deluxe AN6 LS Swap Fuel Filter Regulator.

High Quality Construction with Integrated AN6 Fittings Saving You Time and Money

Whether it is the ever popular LS swap, the increasingly popular Gen 3 Hemi swap, or even just adding aftermarket EFI to your existing engine via a Holley Sniper or FiTech EFI throttle body conversion system, the fuel system is critical to properly providing the higher volume and pressure that EFI systems desire to run properly. Our AN6 LS Swap Fuel Filter Regulator is the perfect solution for any of these conversions, as they all run on the same LS fuel pressure of 58 psi. Crafted from zinc coated steel the filter and mounting bracket can take the abuse of daily driving your ride in any weather conditions for a long service life.

The AN6 fittings are machined for a perfect fit to your favorite AN6 fittings and AN6 fuel line and then electronically welded to our LS swap fuel filter housing, providing you with a ready to install 5 micron EFI post fuel filter solution that directly connects to your AN6 fuel lines. This eliminates the need for adapter fittings. The integrated fuel pressure regulator means more savings, as you don’t have to buy separate fuel filter and regulator. With the integral regulator in the LS swap fuel filter assembly, you also have a much shorter return line to your fuel tank, often just a couple of feet, versus an engine compartment regulator that requires a fuel return line run the full length of the vehicle. The filter/regulator can support up to 450 naturally aspirated horsepower.

Easy Installation That Can Be Mounted Just About Anywhere on Your Vehicle Chassis

With its compact overall size our LS swap fuel filter regulator can be mounted just about anywhere. A single 3/8-inch mounting hole in the rubber cushioned mounting bracket is provided for you to mount the unit. Common locations include inner frame rails, trunk floor and transition panels over the rear axle, and more. The closer you mount the LS fuel pressure regulator filter to the tank the shorter your return line need will be. If your LS engine uses fuel rails with a return fitting, you can simply install a standard fuel return AN adapter along with an AN6 cap to utilize the shorter return line path from this fuel filter regulator setup. Don’t forget the fuel supply AN adapter for your LS fuel rails to finish your fuel line plumbing to your LS engine too!

Our LS swap fuel filter pressure regulator is compatible with both in-tank and external fuel pump solutions. For carbureted fuel tanks were there is sufficient mounting room we recommend our universal in-tank fuel pump module or an EFI conversion tank if one is offered for your application. Other applications can use an external fuel pump. For external pump applications we even offer a complete pump and filter kit with all fittings you need minus the fuel line to help you complete your LS swap fuel system configuration.

No matter if you’re trying to feed a junkyard LS swap, a Gen 3 Hemi crate engine, or your shiny new throttle body EFI retrofit, our fuel filter pressure regulator combo will save you time and money on your project while supplying the proper fuel pressure for your fuel injected engine.

Speedway Motors 91012808 Specifications

MFG. Part #91012808
BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel
FinishZinc Plated
Fuel TypeGasoline
Inlet Fitting-6 AN Male
Outlet Fitting-6 AN Male
Sold in QuantityEach
Overall Length5.75"
Boost/Vacuum Reference PortNo
Gauge PortNo
Bracket IncludedYes
Fittings IncludedNo
Return Fitting-6 AN
Includes Mounting Bracket(s)Yes
Mounting Hardware IncludedNo