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How to Install a Billet LS Alternator Bracket

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Speedway Motors Billet LS Alternator Bracket Mounted On Engine.

When it comes down to LS engines, there are so many choices for full front drive setups to the point where it may be hard to make a decision, but most of them are pricey, and they don’t do anything for the minimalistic setups out there such as mine. What if you need something that’s basic, affordable, and will work with multiple water pump spacings? That’s where the high mount relocation brackets from Speedway Motors come in.

These brackets are designed for both the common F-Body LS1 water pump/balancer setups as well as the standard truck offset. They mount up on the driver’s side cylinder head, which makes it very convenient for vehicles with frame or steering box clearance issues. Let’s not forget to mention the finish, as these brackets are only available in a gorgeous plain billet aluminum, which is guaranteed to add some WOW to your engine bay.

I decided to use my personal car to find out if these brackets were anything to be excited about. What drew me to it was nothing but simplicity, as my Trans Am sure isn’t going to be winning any car shows any time soon. The setup is a typical 6.0 going into a Third Gen F body that is not receiving power steering. The limits were that I could not use a factory truck alternator bracket as there are hood clearance issues, as well as I didn’t want to spend the money people want to charge for used LS1 F body accessories. The bracket in particular that I decided to use was our part number 4811002 as it is designed for the common truck alternator and water pump that I already have.

Speedway Motors Billet LS Alternator Bracket.

As you can see, these come very well packaged so there is never any question about missing hardware. It also includes some very well written paper instructions, making this already straight forward installation even easier.

Speedway Motors Billet LS Alternator Bracket With Spacers Installed.

Since my application has the longer truck water pump, this bracket comes with spacers to move it out to the required distance. If you are using F body accessories, the proper bracket will not include spacers and you will bolt the bracket directly to the cylinder head.

Engine Accessory Drive Installed.

After bolting up the alternator using the included hardware, you can install the belt, which is also supplied, so there is no need to guess which belt is the right choice from the parts store. These kits use the factory tensioner, which means after routing the belt, you can slide it down the water pump for the easiest belt install I’ve ever had.

These brackets are in my opinion the absolute best option for anybody who is looking for a simple solution that looks good while solving the number of positioning issues that factory brackets can run into.

Engine Reinstalled Into Engine Bay.

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