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DIY Cold Air Intake Kits | Carburetor & Injection

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Case for Customized Cold Air Intakes

If you’re like most automotive enthusiasts, you always want to make your vehicle just a little bit better. And one of the first things that most car people do when they start on a project is either replace or upgrade the air intake system. Usually, these are factory units that are slightly restrictive, oversized, and generally efficient enough for the engineer to be happy with them. However, they are restrictive, oversized, and usually not as efficient as they could be.

DIY Cold Air Intake Kit Solutions

AIRAID U-Build-It Air Intake Kit

Build your own. Speedway Motors stocks a variety of kits from AIRAID Intake Systems in several different sizes. These kits are available in 3”, 3.5”, and 4” to suit your application. Fully customizable, you can map out your intake pipe path, and then simply cut what you need and clamp it together. The kit comes with an intake tube that is made up of two 90° bends, a 60°, 45°, and a 30° bend, and five sections of straight tubing measuring 24”, 10”, 8”, 7”, and 4”. (If you need more, additional tubes can be purchased.)

Application Specific Intake Kits

If you are not a fan of having a filter just “hanging out” in the engine bay, Speedway Motors carries a few application-specific airbox housings, one for the GM A-Body cars, and one for the F-Body cars as well. AIRAID even has a Carburetor Adapter for those of you not running fuel injection. Built for a 5 1/8” carburetor, this unit makes connecting your newly-designed cold air intake to your carb simple.

Cold Air Intakes for Engine Swaps

Another benefit to being able to build your own cold air intake is if you have a different engine in your vehicle, the factory intake system may not be a feasible option. Drop an LSx into a ’53 Ford pickup, and you’re going to need to come up with something. Why not build it yourself? Get started with the Speedway Motors Air Intake Kits shop page.

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