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Built With Speedway Motors: Ronald’s Model T Hot Rod

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Social media gets a bad rap. Sure, there are some aspects of it that we could all do without, but it does connect us like nothing else can. Ronald Lecklider started sending messages to us on Facebook way back in 2013. He included some in-progress shots of a radical, ultra-low, flathead powered Model T hot rod based on one of our bodies. Ever since then, he’s stayed in touch, and we’ve watched that mocked-together T turn into this outrageous little hot rod that we’re thrilled to share here.

Long before Ronald introduced himself to us, he was an impressionable 9-year-old kid. When his uncle showed up in a hot rod, it was all over for him. He’s wanted one of his own ever since. Grown-up Ronald started this project with a Speedway Motors fiberglass body and a radically z’ed and swept frame to give it the snake-belly stance that you see in these pictures. The back of the body features a couple steel panels that were punched full of 60 louvers to add some gennie hot rod vibe to the ‘glass body. The Model A front axle was drilled, but remains undropped, relying on the sweep in the rails and a monoleaf spring to keep things low. The rearend is a ’36 banjo and Ronald is quick to point out that the spring shackles mount Coke bottle openers so you’re never without a beverage at the show. The much-chopped ’32 shell, 682-C headlights, cycle fenders, Moon tank, and engine-turned dash panel have all been liberally, but tastefully ‘striped.

The engine is a ’51 Merc flathead backed up to a Turbo 350. You’ll notice that early pictures of the car show it with stock heads and a slingshot-style adapter on the intake. Some time later, the already radical car got a shot of adrenaline. Ronald sent us a picture of an unmarked crate that could have contained anything, and we were thrilled to see a Frenzel supercharger emerge from the packing materials. And because that hunk of vintage cast aluminum speed part goodness wasn’t quite enough for Ronald, he took it to the next level by having everything chromed, copper plated, or polished, topping it all off with a pair of chrome 9 Super 7 carbs from Speedway Motors. Polished Granatelli heads and a polished, finned oil pan complete the transformation.

You might be wondering how on earth anyone can get in and out of this thing. Well, Ronald modified a Speedway Motors top bow kit to allow the whole top to roll down. The engine is the tallest part of the car at 3’8” inches, while the roof is only 3’3” off the ground. See that picture of the dog that is taller than the car? That’s low.

After watching Ronald’s progress on this car for the last 8 years or so, we feel like we’ve been a part of his build. These cars are always more than the sum of their parts, and while we consider it a privilege to be here with the parts you want, we’re honored when you include us in your story. Thanks Ronald. Stay in touch.

Note: Since we have almost a decade's worth of Ronald's build photos, we're sharing more below. Not only do they show more of the build and transformation of this car, but they're also a window into a few of his adventures with as well as quiet moments in the shop...

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