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Built With Speedway Motors: Kyle's '64 Corvette


When we first glanced at the pictures that Kyle submitted of his Corvette, we assumed that it was a big-buck pro build. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's extra impressive when you learn that Kyle and his dad built this thing in the home garage. We'll leave it to Kyle to tell the rest of the story...

This Corvette has the look. Some folks are scared to mess with something as sacred as a '64 Corvette, but when they're done right, restomod Vettes like this one can be amazing machines.

Performance, precision, and passion. This 1964 Corvette aptly named "Ballisticbeige" exudes them all. Built by my father and I in a 1,200 sq.ft. garage to take on the world: this is no ordinary restomod. It's a pro touring machine hidden within the elegant classic styling of the midyear ‘Vette. From the dry sump oiled LT4 crammed 4" through the cowl, to the massive tires, elaborate brake ducting, long-tube headers feeding titanium sidepipes, and hand fabricated everything: this isn't grandpa's ‘Vette...all the while feeling warm and inviting on the exterior.

It's hard to find a bad angle on a midyear Corvette, and a slammed stance and giant rubber only make it better.

This is a vehicle built by true gearheads for other gearheads to enjoy. This isn't created in a mega shop conglomerate by a team of specialists to look pretty and push into the trailer. We use the humble means we have and a lot of skill and hard work to craft what has been a SEMA Battle of the Builders top 3 hotrod in 2020 amongst the likes of Chip Foose, some of the biggest names in hotrod building, and a Ridler winner. I feel like the Ballisticbeige Corvette is the embodiment of what can be achieved with passion for hard honest work, the determination to build something incredible, and a few Speedway Motors catalogs on the tool box.

The workmanship on the chassis is incredible.
Yes, that's a blown LT4 out of a late model, but the craftsmanship that it took to stuff everything under the hood is just as impressive.

I saved the best part for last... It's every bit as functional as it is pretty. We beat on this machine as we intended when building it the right way. Don't believe me? Come strap the lap belt and we'll hit the backroads until you tap out. Plans for our local autocross series and some track day fun are in the works for 2022 when I'm not so busy building the next Kuhnhausen creation. Thank you for your consideration Speedway team!

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