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Built With Speedway Motors: Bobby's Model T

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Bobby Musgrove calls his ’26 Model T coupe “DeathTrap.” He says it’s “basically an outlaw sprint car with a hot rod body.” We say it’s just plain cool.

Bobby found the body locally. Another builder had pulled it out of the trees and chopped it. Bobby picked up where he left off and channeled it over a custom chassis built by Brian Gray. It features Afco shocks all around and hidden airbags in the front for an extra bit of attitude adjustment (as if this car needed any more attitude).

As you might expect, a Model T coupe doesn’t weigh very much, and it was motivated around just fine with its original 20-horse four-popper. Bobby’s car puts a little more down to the massive Hoosiers thanks to a late-60’s Corvette 327 topped with a tunnel ram and built by Bobby and his friends. Bonus cool-points for the rock-crusher 4-speed behind it. Between the open headers on the lumpy small block and gear whine from the rock-crusher, we can only imagine the mechanical symphony that this car must create going down the road.

We love Bobby's car, but he's quick to point out the importance of the people behind it. Bobby says, "I’m a member of the VooDoo Kings car club. Those people are like family. I appreciate the friendships that have even developed online because of the car as well. Most importantly, the car build brought me and my son closer and has sparked an interest in cars he will have forever.“

Not only does Bobby have a killer little Model T, but he also seems to have his priorities straight. Thanks, Bobby for sharing your story with us.

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