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2020 Customer Appreciation Week

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It’s Customer Appreciation Week, 2020. As we look back on over six decades, our story began with passion, just like yours, and it continues because of you, our customers. It’s the long nights in the garage, making the final lap, and sharing our love for speed that brings us together. This is our time to say thank you.

We build because we love a challenge.

We build because our fathers built.

We build to make something that wasn’t there before.

We build to continue our automotive tradition.

We drive to enjoy our projects.

Because we love chasing speed.

Because driving brings peace to our inner spirit.

Whatever our reasons, our passion brings us together. It drives our communities where we reconnect with old friends. In the neighborhood garages. In the pits at the track. At the car shows in the summer heat. And working late into a cold winter night.

At Speedway Motors, we get to see the auto community's passion at work every day.

YOUR PASSION keeps our hobby and the automotive industry moving forward and thriving. And we wouldn't be here without your dedication to your craft.

Whether you’ve recently made your first order or you’ve been with us for years.

From all of us at Speedway Motors...thank you.

Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram page all week for giveaways!

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