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$20 off $299 $40 off $599 $60 off $899 $80 off $1199
Promo: HAPPY    Expires: 7/12/20
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The Modern Day Chevy C10


If you own a Chevy C10 pickup, you are automatically envied by every car/truck enthusiast on the road. Don’t take it from me – take it from the demand curve that continues to raise their value. Tied in with the infinite amount of aftermarket part suppliers like Speedway Motors keeping up with that curve – these trucks offer a perfect foundation to create whatever you want out of a classic truck.

Jason Ankerson has owned his 1965 C10 since high school. After years of tinkering, what began as a daily beater has transformed into a beautifully subtle restoration that he can cruise all over the place. From its monochromatic paint scheme to the custom touches throughout the body and engine bay – it’s no surprise Jason’s pickup caught our attention.

The journey didn’t happen overnight either. It took over a decade of engine swaps, tearing it apart, bolting it back together, down again, until a simple broken speedo cable repair led to a frame-off restoration.

After starting on the build himself, Jason decided to speed things up a bit, which led him to the local guys at No Coast Custom and Rod Shop in Lincoln, NE where he and owner, Ben Vaneperen came up with some very clean design changes.

From the tucked front and rear bumpers, the hidden tailgate chains, and shaved stake pockets, the average viewer might not catch the subtle changes made to the exterior, but to anybody who knows their C10s – this is finesse work that doesn’t come from the aftermarket.

That level of detail also carried through to the engine bay and firewall too. The factory firewall was shaved and smoothed, along with a few custom touches to the inner fender wells that guide your eyes directly where they should: a new 5.3L LS powerplant.

For paint, No Coast laid down a custom Mystery Grey mix that contrasts very nicely with the matte black bumpers and grill. Another great contrasting feature is the bed floor. Jason installed quarter-sawn Oak along the bed floor and applied a superb dark red stain.

No detail went unnoticed – the interior was redone with new upholstery, Dakota Digital gauges, and the floor was accented with Lokar pedals and shifter.

The final iteration of Jason’s old pickup is now something he can be proud to drive. Those routinely weekend teardowns have turned into more time for the highway. With a truck this nice he’ll be getting used to long conversations at the gas pump envied by all.

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