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Tech Talk Weld vs Sander Wheels


Although Weld Racing and Sander Engineering wheels look very similar, there are some key differences. Tyler Perry concisely explains the variances between the two wheels.

Appropriately, Weld Racing wheels are welded together, instead of connected by wheel bolts. The welding goes all around, along with a bead of silicone. In the center, the holes are only for the wheel studs from the hub. These are a lot larger than the wheel center bolts in the Sander model.

In the Sander Engineering wheel, you can see the wheel center bolts and the holes for the studs on your hub. Because the holes differ on these models, customers often have questions. It’s important to know the sizes of the holes when trying to identify their purpose.

Some older Weld wheels weren’t welded together. These wheel halves are a 1/4 inch on the inside and 5/8 inch on the outside. This is because they include the hub as part of their measurement. So, the inner half will be 3 and 5/8 with a 4 and 1/4 outer half.

Sander, on the other hand, measures in whole numbers. For an 8-inch wheel, it will measure 4 inches on the inner and outer halves.

Thank you for watching! If you have more questions, give us a call and we will be happy to answer them.

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