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Speedway Tech Talk - LS Engine Mounts

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Swapping in an LS motor is great way to modernize that old school ride. If you’re just beginning your swap, you will definitely need to pick out an engine mount. Speedway Motors offers several versions of mounts based on your needs.

The most adjustable mount Speedway Motors carries is P/N 9104870. This mount will allow you to slide the motor where you need it and then lock it into place. In some cases, you may need to space your frame mounts up to help align the bolt holes on the frame to engine mount.

If you have a 70-71 Camaro, we have a kit meant for you; P/N 9167081. This kit comes with polyurethane motor mounts, the LS adapter bracket, and a pair of ARP bolts.

We can’t forget about those trucks! We came up with a kit for the 47-54 Chevy Pickup; P/N 910547541. This kit has a direct bolt on plate, cushions and bolt-on frame mounts. These frame mounts can obviously be bolted on or welded for added security.

Speedway Motors also offers a kit that comes with the motor mount and weld in style frame mount with poly bushing; P/N 7204501. This kit is as universal as it comes and can be modified to work in any car or truck needing an LS motor. Speedway Motors also offers Hooker mounts that put your LS a half inch to 3 inches forward of your old Small block’s position.

If you need an LS motor mount to swap in some awesome into your ride, make sure to give us a call at 800.979.0122 or check out our website at

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