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Speedway Tech Talk - King Bee Headlights & Conduit Options

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Speedway Motors familiar face Pat O. sat down once again to discuss a couple of products available for your project.

Pat first shows us the King Bee headlight. At just over 8 inches total, this light has a 7 inch lens. They are fitted with an H4 halogen bulb with High/Low capability. The mounting stud is left long at about 1-3/4 inches. Pat mentions that this could be trimmed to fit if needed. The light is set up with three wires, so hooking everything up will be a breeze. They left about 12 inches of wire to work with as well, so you should be able to trim to length and make your connections.

Pat then talks conduit. Speedway Motors offers a few different styles of conduit, from empty lines that you can run your own wires through, to conduit that comes with wires installed and ready for your connections. The braided stainless lines that Pat shows are both also trim to fit, so if you don’t actually need the full 14 inches of conduit, you can sort that easily enough.

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