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Racer Appreciation Week: Winning Together

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Kyle Vanover, Frank Galusha, Jason Martin, and Austin Svoboda are just a few of the many talented racers we have at Speedway Motors. We sat down in each of their shops and talked about the good, the bad, what it looks like when racing is everything.

In this next video of our 5-day series, the guys talk about how they work at a place where they get to do something they are passionate about every day. And it's a passion that is shared by everyone that works here. Talking to people every day about race cars has helped their racing and their experience racing helps them guide customers. Austin says the best part about his job is helping out someone who is struggling to find a part or is new to the sport. It’s a big reward when we see someone else succeed.

This week is all about celebrating those that live for racing, who spend every free hour in the shop, that are addicted to the thrill of a win.

We love being a part of your crew! Check out the Speedway Motors Facebook page for race giveaways all week.

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