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Q&A with Alanna Crawford

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What is your favorite memory growing up around cars?

My favorite memory has to be traveling to car shows with my parents. I always joke that our family vacations were always where a car show was at. But I loved it. I would pack up my pillows and blankets and dolls and toys and would cuddle up in the backseat and it was perfect. And then actually being at the shows with the sun and the smell and sound of the cars and Beach Boys playing in the background – it’s something I’ll never forget.

How many cars shows have you gone to in your life?

Oh God. Ummm, hundreds? My parents took me to a ton when I was growing up. And even now, my husband and I probably attend at least 5 or more a year.

What car show is your favorite?

Oh by far, Des Moines. It’s so great. So this year will be their 27th show there – well, I’ve been to 26 of them. (And I’m only 29.) Des Moines is a great show because it’s far enough away for a road trip, but close enough to home. And I think that our family has built such great memories around that show – like meeting close friends there – that it will always be my favorite.

Did you ever think you would end up working in the auto industry?

Uh, no. My dad has always had cars and I’ve been around them my whole life, but I never thought I’d work in the automotive industry. But let me tell you, my dad is darn proud that I do!

How does your experience growing up around cars help you do your job?

Growing up around cars totally helps me in my job as an Event Manager because I’ve been to car shows and I know what they’re all about. When you have to plan an event, it’s so much easier when you’ve been to one and know how they work. And also things as simple as marketing to our customers are easier for me because I can take any one project and think to myself, ‘what would my dad and his friends think about this?’

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