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Customer Appreciation Week

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Your Passion Drives Us!

For more than 65 years we've been proud to fuel our customer's dreams! Join us this week to learn more about the people behind the service and what we’re doing to make sure we continue to offer the parts, performance, and know-how our customers need to keep their projects rolling!

Here to Help
We Build What We Sell

Our team of experts are builders, rodders, and racers - just like our customers! Whether it's in The Toolbox, on the phone, at a show, or at the track, we're here to offer the automotive know-how our customers need. Browse Tech

Project Chevelle
'72 Chevelle Build

Speedway's latest muscle project is a nearly all original 1972 Chevelle Malibu. Follow along as the team takes you through a series of upgrades without breaking the bank and keeping the car drivable. WatchNow

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Customer Appreciation Day 2018
Thanks to all that joined us for our first Customer Appreciation Day! We had a great day full of donuts, music, and a wide variety of specialty vehicles. Check out this video to see a glimpse of the rides and people that came for the party!
Speedway Motors Parts Counter
Whether you've never had the chance to see our warehouse or talk to the team at the counter or you've been here a hundred times, check out this behind the scene video.
Speedway Motors Machine Shop
The team of hot rodders and racers at our machine shop, use high quality machines to build parts for your project. Watch this video of parts being manufactured right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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Q&A with Alanna Crawford
Alanna jokes that her family vacations were always where a car show was. Her experience at hundreds of car shows and extreme attention to detail, make her the perfect Event Manager. Learn more about the friendly face leading our team at events.
Q&A with Jeff Karls
28 years after Jeff’s dad sold his Sedan Delivery, Jeff was able to track it down and has carried on the memories with his own family. Read the story and learn more about Jeff and his lifelong love of street rods.
Q&A with Kevin Webel
Who wouldn’t want to cruise Route 66 with Kevin, one of our Mr. Roadster dealers. Check out Kevin’s dream trip and how he and Speedway go way back.
Q&A with Joe McCollough
Joe's wrenched on Speedway's '67 Camaro, '52 Chevy Truck, '72 Chevelle, and countless other cars that have rolled in over the years. Meet Joe, who can spot the soul of any car and stay true to it.
Q&A with Clark Wilcox
Ever wondered who's the face behind your Flathead tech questions? Get to know Clark our street rod tech and Flathead expert who has been with Speedway for 21 years.