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Motor Trend Display - NSRA Street Rod Nationals 2019

Tags: News, NSRA

For the 50th anniversary of the Street Rod Nationals this year, Motor Trend Group pulled out all the stops. They have a giant booth full of some of the most important cars from the history of street rodding. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Tom McMullen '32 roadster is one of the most iconic cars of all time. It's gone through several updates and been cloned many times, but it's currently restored to its configuration as seen on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in 1963. For an entire generation, this is the car that they picture when they hear the words "hot rod."

This is the car that launched the billet aluminum craze. Built by Lil' John Buttera in the 70's, this car looked like nothing else on the hot rod show circuit.

Looking at the Iron Orchid, it's hard to believe that this car was built only about six years ago. Dave Shuten mined his collection of vintage parts to build a wild 60's show rod that stands out like a beacon on the floor of any show it appears at.

This is the first car to complete the now legendary Street Rodder Road Tour at the hands of the equally legendary Jerry Dixey.

This car requires no introduction. The Eliminator was seen on the ZZ Top album cover and linked hot rods and rock n' roll for a new generation.

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