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Gorilla Locking Lug Nuts

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Tags: Tech, 1933 Ford

Whoever says “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” hasn’t seen Speedway Motor’s selection of Rocket Racing Wheels. For my birthday, I bought myself new wheels and tires for my 1933 five-window coupe. It had pretty much worn the same style of wheels and tires with aluminum moon discs since my dad and I “finished” the build in 2008. It was time for a change in style and attitude.

If you’ve ever bought new wheels, you know the level of investment they can become. Nice wheels aren’t cheap. Plus, I drive the coupe a lot and take it out of town quite often. So I opted to buy locking lug nuts to gain a bit more security. Plus these nice looking lug nuts added some style to the coupe’s brand new look.

I chose bulge acorn style lugs to go with my new Rocket Racing Wheels (Igniter Series) and I needed ½”-20 threads for my 5 lug bolt pattern. Fun fact: ½”-20 wheel studs are typically found on Ford applications, where as GM products often use 7/16”-20 threads.

The kit included:

  • 16 chrome acorn lug nuts (four per wheel)
  • 4 wheel locks (one per wheel)
  • 1 key

The Gorilla lock features an external security pattern, made from case-hardened steel. The key (black) fits four special locks (one per wheel.) The rest of the regular lugs (four per wheel) use a regular deep socket drive for installation. The key itself fits into a socket drive for installation.

I keep the key in my road tool box, safely tucked into a little blue box. If my road tool box ever gets upset alongside the road, the blue box is fairly easy to spot so I don’t accidentally drive off without it.

My lug set came with a little numerical code which pairs with my key. If I misplace my key, the code will help me buy a replacement from Gorilla Automotive. Keep your code safe but accessible. I’m on the road a lot with the coupe, so I’ve tucked a copy of my code inside my road tool box, but I also keep the original in my upright toolbox in the garage.

Looks good, yeah?

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