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Built With Speedway Motors: Zach's Model A Pickup

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Looking at pictures of Zach Gutzman’s wild rat rod truck, you may be wondering if Ford ever built an extended cab Model A pickup. The answer, of course, is no. Zach based his creation on a sedan body that was shortened behind the doors. Zach is a talented and creative builder, and there is a ton of cool fab work and neat details abound throughout the truck.

Zach’s project started with the sedan body. It belonged to a friend, and after texting a picture to his wife to get the green light, he dragged it home and got to work. In addition to being shortened, it was also chopped 3 1/2” and channeled 3”. The chassis was hand built by Zach and uses hydraulics on a custom cantilever suspension to raise the truck for driving, them slam it back to the ground when parked. Power comes from a tunnel-rammed BluePrint 383 that spins a 4-speed manual, and Zach rows through the gears in a neat custom interior that he also built himself. Amazingly, it only took 9 months to build this wild creation.

We asked Zach what his favorite part of the truck was, and he answered, “Building it with my family. I’ve enjoyed building and fabrication and now that I have kids, I’ve been teaching my boys. I would love to see them continue the love for the craft. I don’t really care for anything new and always enjoy building and driving something we built.”

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