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Brakes Tech Articles

How to Lower C10 Front Suspension with Drop Springs and Spindles
Watch as we install a front suspension lowering kit on our 1968 Chevy C10. Upgrades include disc brakes with a 5 on 5” bolt circle as well as 2” drop springs and 2 ½” drop spindles.
How to Convert Rear Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes (Install & Adjustment)
In this video, we walk through the process of installing a rear disc brake conversion kit that uses a weld-on caliper bracket.
Ford And Chevy Spindle Options For Solid Axle Hot Rods
Dive into some of the history and unique differences between Ford and Chevy spindles for solid front axles and what will perform best on your hot rod.
Brake Pad Identification and Friction Surface Options Explained
We offer a guide to follow when selecting a new set of brake pads for your race or street car. It's important to know the friction quality and pad size before selecting a new set of disc brake pads.
Bench Bleed Master Cylinder - How To Guide
Learn how to bench bleed a new master cylinder properly to prevent on-car brake system bleeding issues. Removing the air before installation is critical and this video tutorial will walk you through the process.
Ford 9-Inch Housing Identification and Axle Measurement
Need help with rear end identification for your muscle car or hot rod? Learn how to identify 9-inch Ford housings and how to measure your axles with our diagrams.
Everything You Need to Know About Converting Drum Brakes to Disc
Just about any classic vehicle’s drum brakes can be upgraded to the increased braking performance of a disc brake system. Our Buyer’s Guide provides an overview of disc brake benefits and what you need to succeed with your upgrade.
Adjustable Proportioning Valve Block Installation
Learn how to install and properly tune brakes with an adjustable proportioning valve block.
Solid Axle Choices for Your Traditional Hot Rod
When it comes to a traditional style build on an early hot rod it just has to be rolling on a solid front axle of some sort. In this buyer's guide we take you through I-beam and round tube solid axles, spindle choices, radius rod needs, and more.
How to Install a Braided Brake Line
Plumbing a fluid system can sometimes be frustrating. In this article, Steve walks you through a brake line installation with pro tips to get the job done right.
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