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Thirty Years in Automotive Journalism: Steve Magnante | Episode 18

Show Notes

On this episode of “What Moves You”, a Speedway Motors Podcast, we talk with Steve Magnante about altered wheelbase cars, MOPAR, the 1970s drag racing wars and so much more.

If you’ve read a car mag in the last 30 years, you’ve read Steve Magnante. He’s the writer of the definitive “How to Build Altered Wheelbase Cars”, host of “Roadkill's Junkyard Gold," one of the voices behind Barrett-Jackson auctions...among everything else he does.

While Steve maintains a staggering knowledge of all things cars (He walked into the Week to Wicked garage and spotted our Nova originally had a V8, based only on the VIN Number), he’s an incredibly down-to-earth car guy. As knowledgeable as Steve is, and as much as he’s done for the automotive industry in 30 years, he’s even better at throwing open the gates for beginners and experts alike.

Steve's Funny Fairmount makes no sense until you hear Steve explain it.
The might Wilshire Shaker, one of the most memorable Hot Rod Magazine project cars of all time.
Steve drove the Shaker like he knew how to fix it.
Steve's love of altered wheelbase cars and his love of Mopars came together in the Rampage Dart.

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