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Mastering Metal at the Tin Man’s Garage: Brian Limberg | Episode 24

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Show Notes

Brian Limberg didn’t set out to become one of the most sought-after metal shapers and coach builders in the automotive industry. He just wanted to build cars.

But since opening The Tin Man’s Garage, he has been recognized by many, including the Al Slonaker Memorial award in 2020, for mastery of his craft in metal shaping, coach building and chassis engineering. Even the tools he’s built himself over the years are now in-demand across the world. He also takes a few students a year through a metal shaping workshop program, educating on the art and science of forcing metal into the right shape.

This episode of What Moves You is all about how Brian became a master of his craft, working through various shops and picking up enough skills to open up The Tin Man’s Garage. We talk growing up around cars, building his Model A roadster from scratch and how a Slonaker-worthy 1936 Willys pickup.

We have a personal connection to Brian that reaches back a generation to his father, Mike Limberg. Mike worked at Speedway Motors in a number of departments, including with our own Joe McCollough as they both wrenched on Team Speedway’s race cars. Mike was widely known as a humble, highly skilled professional with a highly skilled son. We saw a lot of Brian’s work come together through the pictures Mike proudly showed off in the shop.

You can find more images of Brian’s work and builds at

Mike and Brian in the 80's, next to Mike's nasty big block powered coupe.
Years later, in Brian's shop.
Here's MIke's Model A roadster.
Here's Brian with the Willys truck that won the Slonaker.

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