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Built With Speedway Motors: Christopher's Nova and C10

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We all have reasons for loving cars and the types of cars that we love. Sometimes it's a childhood memory or a car or truck that we just can't get enough of. Sometimes it's passed down from one generation to the next, or a way to remember good times with someone we've lost. For Christopher Graviett and his brother, it's a combination of all of these. Here's his story in his own words...

My brother and I have always been gearheads. We lost our father in 2006 and he was our main reason for being into cars. When my brother turned 16 dad bought him a 72 nova from the original owner. That's the car that we would go to school in everyday and learned how to work on. When my brother left for the Marines after high school, he sold the car in 2001. When dad passed in 2006, we went on a mission to find his old Nova. We always came up empty handed and never had any luck. So we found my '71, and he now has a '73 SS Nova.

My car was in driving shape but his was in pieces. It took us 6 years to get it back together and back on the road. I went to a sale one day and ended up bringing home a 72 c10 with 48k miles. The truck was in great shape, I did the normal wheels/tires and a few other things. Then the motor blew up one day. So after about a month of research we decided to tackle the LS swap ourselves. Long nights on weekends and after work and after about a month or so it was on the road again.

Our latest project is the 76 ford F100. It is a truck that I have been after for the last 3 years. The man who owned it passed away and his family sold it to me because they knew how much I liked it. It was in rough shape and didn't run. My brother and I tore the engine down and rebuilt it, went through the wiring, and everything front to back. It made its maiden voyage down the road yesterday and it was a awesome feeling.

We both have a huge passion for cars/trucks and im afraid it will never end. As for his old nova, we did find it early this year only 30 miles from where we live. Met with the guy to see it and it was an amazing feeling. Although he wouldn't sell it, it was a great day seeing the car and getting in it to bring back old memories.

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