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Tyler Wesely's Articles
Tyler Wesely
Member since Apr 17 2019
From building model cars to taking part in family hot rod and restoration projects, a passion for the auto industry was instilled at an early age for me. My experience here at Speedway Motors, along with Automotive Restoration and Transportation Design courses helped further my understanding and interest for the automotive culture. Additionally, my experience helping to form and lead a local non-profit organization, has allowed me to share my passions by giving back through hosting an annual auto show and swap meet fundraisers that serve to fund automotive scholarships and financial assistance for those in need. I admire custom builds and the work that goes into them, especially the subtle details. Everything from Model A’s to ‘70’s pickups, Tri-5 Chevys, late 50’s Cadillac’s, and most cars built in the 1960’s are my favorite, including muscle cars such as my ’68 Charger. Much of my technical knowledge can be credited to family and friends, research for personal projects, and articles such as the ones found here.

Tyler Wesely's Articles

by Tyler Wesely - Posted in Tech
Bringing an old Mopar back to life isn't always a breeze. Fortunately, MSD has come up with a solution for those outdated and unreliable points-type ignition systems. Find out how to install a MSD 8386 distributor and MSD 5531 spark plug wires