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$25 off $250 | $50 off $500 | $75 off $750 | $100 off $1000      Promo: STRONG    Expires: 4/30/20
$25 off $250 | $50 off $500 | $75 off $750 | $100 off $1000
Promo: STRONG    Expires: 4/30/20
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Dylan Schwarzenbach's Articles
Dylan Schwarzenbach
Member since Jul 10 2019
Dylan has been in the automotive industry since 2007 where he got his first job sweeping floors at a local restoration shop. Since then, he has been self taught and honed his restoration skills. He joined Speedway Motors in 2017 as a resident Muscle Car Tech and now manages our Restoration Department at The Museum of American Speed. Even though he knows his way around muscle cars, Dylan has been building his high school car, a 1981 Mazda RX-7, which now has a carbureted E85 fueled 5.7 HEMI. When he is not wrenching in a garage you can usually find him at the local drag strip helping his friends make a few passes on the weekends.

Dylan Schwarzenbach's Articles

Storing your car for the winter? Here are a few helpful tips on how to winterize your hot rod before putting it away in storage, and so it is ready to go when Spring comes back around.
Learn how to swap out an LS engine with a modern fuel injected engine into a hot rod for added horsepower, fuel economy, or throttle response. View a list of parts and helpful tips to complete the installation.