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Lost and Found: the Amazing Story of the Looney Tunes Sedan Delivery | Episode One

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Lost and Found: the Amazing Story of the Looney Tunes Sedan Delivery
Episode Summary

This is a car story.

And it’s the kind of car story you want to hear told over and over.

There’s childhood memories, sadness, and healing by the way of amazing coincidence...everything you could want, plus a fantastic hot rod.

Jeff’s dad bought and upgraded a '46 Sedan Delivery for the family. They road tripped, took it to the grocery, and became a staple in Jeff’s memories of childhood. Jeff’s dad sold the sedan delivery and unfortunately passed away when Jeff was 8.

Jeff didn’t see his beloved childhood street rod for almost thirty years, when it magically reappeared.

Listen to Jeff tell you his story about fathers, healing, and coincidence. We won’t say anymore, because Jeff tells it better than anyone could write it.

Show Notes:

Jeff’s original Special Delivery article.

A new member of the family. As purchased, the delivery was a bit rough.
Before it was Looney Tunes, it was the Louver Company delivery. Here it is wearing its trademark American Racing 200 mags.
Set up for a show in Joplin, MO in the early 80's.
The Street Rodder Article that might just have saved Looney Tunes.
A four year old Jeff poses with his dad's hot rod.
Looney Tunes today. Still looking pretty darn good for a 200,000 mile street rod.

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