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Indy, Pikes Peak, & Team Speedway: Robby Unser's Life of Racing | Episode 6

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Episode Summary

Not everyone learns how to drive before they turn 7. Then again, not everyone is an Unser. But that’s how Robby Unser learned to drive, and he’s been driving, racing, and building racecars ever since.

Robby has raced everywhere, and just about every kind of car you can imagine. From late-models in Albuquerque, to World of Outlaws, to Pikes Peak and all the way to Team Speedway today, Robby Unser learned his trade on the track.

One of the coolest parts of Robby’s story is just how many racers show up along the way. Names include the legendary sprint driver, Sammy Swindell, and our own Bill Smith.

We brought Robby on because Speedway Motors’ relationship goes way back. In 1986, Bill, Carson, and Jason Smith teamed up with Robby to build a racecar to win it all at Pikes Peak Hill Climb. And they built it based on a dream Robby had in the middle of the night. That’s just how it goes when you’re on the bleeding edge.

Today, Robby is still hitting the track with Team Speedway, racing on the autocross and the road course to test our G-Comp products.

Robby has raced everywhere and seen just about everything, so there’s a lot to cover. If you were ever curious what the life of a full-time racer looks like, now’s your chance to find out.

Photos and Videos:
Robby wheeling the Speedway Motors AIS car.
The open wheeler with Robby at the wheel.
The truck that broke the rulebook.
Robby's beloved Team Speedway Nova, on track in Des Moines.
A proud Team Speedway immediately after winning the 2017 Goodguys Autocrosser of the Year.
Robby Unser at the wheel of the Team Speedway '67 Camaro.

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