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Automotive Art in the Museum of American Speed

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No matter how many times you visit the Museum of American Speed, you’re going to see something new every time. It’s either going to be something that’s been there all along, but you’ve just been walking past it...after all, there are thousands of pieces of vintage speed equipment, engines, racecars, and even the odd Duesenberg or Tucker. Or, it’s going to be something new that the team has added to the collection. Sometimes, they’ll open up an entirely new space. Such is the case with the new Art Gallery. It’s chock full of amazing automotive art and just like the rest of the museum, there’s something for everyone.

Here are a few shots of the gallery and a brief look at a few of the artists that are represented in the collection. As always, there’s so much more to see than we can show here…

Tom Fritz

Tom Fritz’s art leaps off the wall with an absurd level of detail and dynamic compositions that only he could create. His work represents the glory days of hot rods and racing with a unique blend of nostalgia and realism.

Darrell Mayabb

Darrell Mayabb has been making automotive art for a long time. You’ve seen his paintings in magazines and on shop walls all over. We’re honored to not only house some of his significant work, but also some pieces from his studio, including his drafting table, chair, and flat files.

Peter Vincent

Peter Vincent is one of the best and most prolific photographers of the contemporary hot rod scene. His compositions are breathtaking, and his documentation of the annual Rolling Bones pilgrimage to Bonneville is the stuff of legend.

This preview barely scratches the surface. To truly experience all the amazing pieces in the gallery (and the rest of the museum) you really have to do it in person. The gallery is now open to the public and is more than worth a visit.

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