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$20 off $299 | $40 off $599 | $60 off $899 | $80 off $1199      Promo: AUGUST    Expires: 8/9/20
$20 off $299 | $40 off $599 | $60 off $899 | $80 off $1199
Promo: AUGUST    Expires: 8/9/20
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Logan Niesz's Articles
Logan Niesz
Member since Apr 12 2018
Logan is an e-commerce Copywriter at Speedway Motors, born and raised right here in Nebraska. He grew up in his father’s shop pretty much since he could walk. Logan learned to ride a dirt bike before he had a bicycle mastered. He was never any good at football, so instead he raced motocross for 12 years. He has always had a passion for turning wrenches and spending time with his family in the garage working on all sorts of projects. Everything he knows has been self-taught, either from watching his dad, trying something and failing until he got it right, or reading countless articles on the internet. Logan got into cars when he started driving and realized he wasn’t going to be able to race motocross professionally. He is currently working on remodeling his first house, keeping up with his German Shepherd, Axyl, and dreaming up the perfect LS powered Ford Falcon to autocross someday soon.

Logan Niesz's Articles