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Heath Petzoldt's Articles
Heath Petzoldt
Member since Mar 2 2018
I grew up on a farm In Grand Island and have basically been into tinkering since I could hold a wrench. I've installed air ride on everything from Model A’s, 40-50’s cars and trucks, many 1967-72 C10’s and 1958-64 Impalas. I have completed numerous LS swaps, both fuel injected and carb setups. I love anything old and vintage that is a throwback to a time I believe I should have been born in. I especially love Flathead motors, Model A’s and all the Hot Rod history that has proceeded us in time.

Heath Petzoldt's Articles

by Heath Petzoldt - Posted in Videos
Heath Petzoldt walks us through the process of putting different types of king pins together in this video. Follow along to boost your kingpin assembling confidence!
by Heath Petzoldt - Posted in Tech
After installing the intake manifold and carbs on his 8BA, Heath P. continues on to the fuel and throttle setup. See how he mounts each part while making modifications to complete the install.
by Heath Petzoldt - Posted in Tech
Do you have carbs sitting on the shelf waiting to be put on? Heath talks about the preparation and parts needed to install a set of Super 9-7 Carbs on his 1949 Flathead 8BA V8 Model A.
by Heath Petzoldt - Posted in Tech
Heath finally gets the opportunity to work on rear disc brakes. He explains some things that went great during this project, and not so great. Find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of running disc brakes.
by Heath Petzoldt - Posted in Tech
In this article, Heath P. talks about one of the most important parts of a hot rod, the front axle. He will walk you through the history of the front axle and how to properly assemble it for your car.
by Heath Petzoldt - Posted in Tech
Heath P. tells his story on how the passion for 'hot rodding' was instilled in him by his grandfather. From driving tractors on their family farm to becoming a Ford family, you are in for a good read.