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Throughout most of the 20th Century, a tilt steering wheel was a scarce reality saved for luxury cars and exotics. If you did not fit well between the steering wheel and the seat, tough cookies! It does not have to be that way today for your muscle car, street rod or classic truck. Get behind the wheel and drive in comfort with a 5-Position GM Tilt Steering Column from Speedway Motors.

Do not let our product name scare you either! The “GM” is referring to the electrical connection type and steering shaft spline for the steering wheel. This universal steering column can just as easily fit into a Dodge, Ford, or any other project you may be building with just a little effort, adapting the wiring to your vehicle and picking up a GM-specific steering wheel adapter for your aftermarket steering wheel of choice.

Old tilt columns are just that — old! Do not waste your time in a salvage yard digging around for a steering column for your project that will undoubtably need a complete rebuild. Not to mention it most likely will be too long or too short for your application. Using one of our universal tilt steering columns is the way to go. This is not just any old aftermarket steering column either. Manufactured with all new parts in a compact design, they will literally fit most anywhere.

We all have our favorite makes and models, but when it comes to tilt steering columns the 1969-1994 GM version takes top billing. These columns have been used as salvage yard retrofits for decades due to their wide fitment range, ease of availability, and huge aftermarket support for service replacement parts like turn signal switches, bearings, and more. So, when it was time for us to build our own universal tilt columns of course we kept ours true to these popular GM models.