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Before making your racing seat buying decision, you need to know a few key things to ensure you are strapping into the seat that's right for your application. For most of us, our budget is the biggest factor in any purchase decision. That being said, you should never take any short cuts when it comes to your personal safety in any form of racing. Aside from your budget, choosing the right style of seat for your specific race car and body shape and size is vital. Check out our in-depth racing seat sizing guide from our friend Frank Galusha. Trying to decide between a High Back Race Seat or a Full Containment Race Seat? Check out this race seat comparison guide to learn the advantages of each.


Along with getting your racing seat to fit YOU perfectly, your racing seat needs to fit your race car. Proper seat mounting procedures can't be stressed enough - your life depends on it! Any style of racing seat needs to be mounted to at least 4 solid contact points in your race car. These points of contact should always be strong roll cage bars or directly into the chassis/frame system. Work together with your chassis/roll cage manufacturer when mounting your racing seat to ensure you are giving your self the best chance in the event of a crash or racing incident.

When making your race car seat decision for your own race car, it is also important to consider your racing sanctioning bodies specific rules and regulations. Some racing series will require a certain SFI/FIA certified seat to participate. Being prepared with this information before looking at seats will help save you valuable time and money.