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Chevrolet Performance Parts is a brand that offers street and racing performance parts for your Chevrolet. Though Chevrolet Performance Parts has a long and successful past, it has seen many changes over time (including a 2012 rebrand, formerly called GM Performance Parts). From a small system of parts suppliers, it expanded into an entire brand supported by numerous dealers all over the country. From the early days of producing parts for experimental vehicles to today’s line of aftermarket accessories, GM Performance Parts have expanded into new categories and markets while continuing to produce high-quality parts. From basic crate motors and engine blocks to high-end, fully-assembled motors, Chevy Performance has everything you need to get your performance project started.

Formerly GM Performance Parts

In the beginning, Chevrolet Performance Parts was just a department of General Motors. They produced experimental parts and performed “market research.” Today, it is now a full subsidiary of Chevy that produces aftermarket parts for muscle cars, trucks, SUVs, grassroots racing, and more. Chevrolet Performance dealers are the premiere providers of crate engines and performance parts for hot rods, street machines and circle track racing. They strive to continue that legacy, with parts designed to make your car faster and more reliable.

Over the years, Chevrolet has been a leader in automotive performance. GM Performance Parts have been at the heart of the racing industry since day one. In fact, Chevy V8 engines have been setting records since 1955. GM Performance Parts have long been a fan favorite, providing big power from small blocks. Packing power you wouldn’t expect from a pushrod OHV engine, these potent small blocks help redefine what Chevy Performance engines are all about.

If it’s Chevy and it’s inspired by racing, we have it. Designed for the racing enthusiast, Chevrolet Performance Parts delivers ground-breaking performance. Through high-quality components and innovative technology, Chevy offers drivers the chance to get behind the wheel of legendary performance. If you’re looking for a crate engine for your Chevy, they have the biggest selection, period.

Chevrolet can help you do whatever it is you need to do. Whether you’re a racer or weekend warrior, Chevrolet Performance has the parts you need to make it happen. Whether you’re looking to take a stock car to the track for the weekend or wanting to create a show car, Chevrolet Performance is excited to get you started.

Owning a classic car can be fun, but with an upgraded engine, it can be even better! GM Performance crate engines breathe life back into a vehicle. A GM Performance crate engine can mean the difference between an old car that just sits in the garage and an old car that you love to drive!

Chevrolet Performance offers a variety of high performance parts for your Chevrolet. These aftermarket parts are manufactured by the same company that makes the original equipment parts on your Chevrolet. Chevrolet Performance Parts have been developed and tested thoroughly by Chevrolet. They are manufactured with the highest standards. Chevrolet Performance Parts makes it easy for you to build a truly high-performance crate engine. They take the work out of creating your engine, so you can focus on the fun part—putting it in and enjoying the power.

GM Performance Parts will breathe life back into your vehicle–at a price you can afford. The parts that you need, for the vehicles you love driving. No matter what your budget or skill level, this Chevrolet Performance dealer can get you there!

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