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Ridetech (Air Ride Technologies) started as an idea – to provide quality suspension components for easy air-ride builds. Ridetech (Air Ride Technologies) was founded with the mission to provide only the highest quality and safest suspension products available. Their goal is to continually be at the forefront of engineering and design for the aftermarket industry. Ridetech is committed to providing the highest quality products available at an affordable price. Game-changing suspension technology and the company that made air-ride simple; RideTech suspension parts are built by enthusiasts - for enthusiasts.

Ridetech is a recognized leader in the hot rodding and air suspension community, formerly known as Air Ride Technologies, but they don’t stop there. They strive to design and engineer the best possible systems for their customers’ cars and trucks. RideTech was founded in 1996 with the goal of developing vehicle suspension and air-ride enhancement solutions for builders and enthusiasts. RideTech has grown to be a leader in the field, with over a quarter of a century of experience in everything from air-ride, including RideTech’s signature Shockwave systems, to coilovers. They continue to market a wide range of air suspension components that allow vehicle owners to customize their rides with enhanced performance, safety, and style over competitors.

It’s not just a legacy of Air Ride Technologies– RideTech is a living icon in the automotive world. Their long history and expertise have produced some of the most innovative technologies and products designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance, appearance, and safety. Their approach to problem-solving, “can-do” perspective and relationship-driven business tactics have provided openings into many areas of business including agriculture, commercial transport, and defense projects as well… all of it bringing important lessons for improving their core offerings for builders. Yet, at the core, RideTech remains true to who they are - Hot Rodders. 

Ridetech has been a leading name in automotive air-ride suspension products for decades as Air Ride Technologies. They continue to develop automotive technologies, components, and products that enhance vehicle performance and style. Ridetech is powered by a passionate group of engineers, technicians, and sales staff that are dedicated to perfecting their craft and providing quality suspension systems and components for anyone seeking some corner-carving fun. Bolt-on performance for almost any application you can dream up. Trust in Ridetech to deliver just the kind of slammed look and corner-carving performance you seek!

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