Product Summary

Universal Fit, 3.00" Overall Length, 12 volts Voltage

  • Compact and self-contained wiper motor drives one wiper arm and blade
  • Stainless steel version uses an external switch and both return to park automatically when shut off
  • 90 degree sweep. Self-park feature for convenience
  • 3 Switch position features: off/park, low and high
  • Premium stainless steel construction, polished finish

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9100654
BrandSpeedway Motors
Voltage12 volts

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Speedway Motors 9100654 Details

Wiper Motor

The compact, self-contained windshield wiper motor allows you the freedom to install it the way you see fit and not be limited to where and how the windshield wiper motor can be mounted in your project. Wiper motor features a 90-degree sweep with self-park function and a stout 12-volt motor. Windshield wiper motor kit is supplied with an adjustable wiper arm (# 911-23505) (adjust from 7" to 11") and an 11" cut-to-fit wiper blade (# 911-23506), to further fine tune this kit for your car or truck.

  • Universal fitment
  • Self-park feature
  • 12v electric wiper motor
  • 90-degree sweep
  • Adjustable wiper arm and cut-to-fit wiper blade (great for chopped tops)
  • Compact wiper motor body (2-1/8" H x 3-1/4" W x 3-1/3" D)
  • Kit includes (1) wiper motor, (1) wiper arm, (1) wiper blade, (1) wiper arm hardware.

This universal wiper motor kit can be made to work on nearly any application. Designed for flat windshield applications, such as 1920s/1930s/1940s street rods and hot rods (like Model A and Model T), as well as applications such as Jeeps or Broncos. Being fully universal allows the creative, DIY car enthusiast the flexibility needed to install it however they best see fit. Additionally, these wiper motors can be wired together in tandem using an external switch if your project requires a dual wiper system.

The wiper motor is commonly mounted to the header panel above the windshield (pivoting wiper arm allows use with pop-out windshields). Can also be affixed to a round-type windshield frame using optional bracket 91656001.

Replacement wear parts are readily available; the 11" wiper blade or the option for a 9" wiper blade, a replacement adjustable wiper arm, as well as a replacement wiper arm lock-nut for years of reliable service, keeping your vision of the open road crystal clear!


Wiper Switch

These easy-to-use universal windshield wiper switches feature OFF/PARK, LOW and HIGH and are for use with single motor wiper set-ups.

  • 3-position switch 
  • Requires a 7/16" mounting hole
  • (4) blade style terminals


Main housing for the motor is oval in shape with the following dimensions:

  • Depth front to rear is 3-1/3"
  • Height top to bottom is 2-1/8"
  • Width from side to side is 3-1/4"

A mounting tab extends the width an additional 9/16" and has an isolating grommet installed.

  • The drive shaft measures 3-1/4"
  • Shaft diameter is .235"
  • The threaded sleeve around the shaft is 2-1/2" long from the main housing
  • Threaded sleeve allows for adjustment for proper spacing to the windshield
  • Length of threads covering input shaft is 2.040"
  • Length from motor face to end of input shaft is 3.165"



  • Switch body diameter:  1-3/8"
  • Depth behind dash:      1-3/4"
  • Knob diameter:            1-1/8"

Speedway Motors 9100654 Specifications

MFG. Part #9100654
BrandSpeedway Motors
Voltage12 volts
Overall Length3.00"
Overall Width2.25"
Overall Thickness3.25"
Shaft Length3.165"
Shaft Diameter.235"
Thread Length2.00"
Thread Pitch9mm - .75
Sold in QuantityKit
NotesOverall measurements are for the motor, arm is adjustable 7.50" - 11.75"