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4" Overall Length, 4" Overall Width

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    MFG. Part #91074808
    BrandSpeedway Motors

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    Speedway Motors 91074808 Details

    Have you crawled out of your car and felt tired or worn out more than normal? Maybe your reaction time seems to slow down for some reason?  The race cars around you are putting out carbon monoxide. We all know carbon monoxide is a poison and does permanent damage to you when you breathe it.

    So why put yourself through this when there is a simple cure? This cartridge fits in our Tru-Air™ Pumper and turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. 

    • 4.00" O.D.
    • 1.375" height
    • 0.25" center hole
    • Fits Tru-Air Pumper and Parker Pumper style air pumpers
    • Has 6 hour working life (6 hours of airflow through cartridge)
    • Flow rate of 15-20 CFM

    Note:  Unit should be installed just before use and then removed and stored between each heat/feature race.  Unit should be replaced after 5-6 nights of racing events.

    Speedway Motors 91074808 Specifications

    MFG. Part #91074808
    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Speedway Motors Catalog Part #910-74808
    Overall Length4"
    Overall Width4"
    Overall Height1.375"
    Sold in QuantityEach
    Outside Diameter4.00"