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We Value Your Feedback

At Speedway Motors, your opinion matters. We take the time to read every product review that's written because your feedback is an integral part of our business. Each year we receive thousands of reviews that are carefully read by our dedicated reviews team and shared throughout the company in an effort to improve our products and service in all areas.

Join the Conversation

We want to know how our products are doing. Tell us all about your experience and if it met your expectations. How did the install go? How did it perform? Good or bad, we want to know and we want you to be able to let the world know! Your opinion could be the difference between whether or not someone uses that part on their own project. We know you read them, so join the conversation.

Not sure what to write in your review? Check out these helpful tips.

You Could Win $25

As a thank you for your feedback on our product(s), you'll be entered to win one of five $25 eGift Cards awarded each month. Five winners will be randomly drawn at the end of each month. The more products you review, the better your chances of winning. Winners will be contacted by email and announced on our Facebook page.

Writing A Review In 3 Easy Steps

So you've decided to share your experience with enthusiasts just like you. That's great! Here's how you do it:

  1. Find the product you purchased which you would like to review
  2. From the product page, click the “write a review” link
  3. Complete the review form and verify your review via email

Buy With Confidence

We take product reviews very seriously because we know they influence your buying decisions. All the reviews you see on our site are 100% authentic and written by fellow racers and rodders. We certify that our review content is:

  • Free from fraud and spam
  • Free from edits, classification, and alteration
  • Transparent