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Mallory Ignition 700 Ballast Resistor, .75-1.50 Ohm

Mallory Ignition 700 Ballast Resistor, .75-1.50 Ohm

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Stabilize coil current and prolong point life with Mallory ballast resistors. Computer-wound to ensure resistance value. Premium ceramic bodies provide maximum durability and superior heat transfer. Recommended when a new coil is installed.

Mallory Unilite distributors include self-contained modules that require a ballast resistor, loom resistance wire, or internally resisted coil (ex. when using HyFire CD Ignitions). Using a heavy duty porcelain resistor and threaded terminal connectors, this resistor is rated at 200 watts and 0.75 (cold) – 1.5 (hot) ohms.


NOTE: The purpose of an ignition ballast resistor between the ignition switch (12V) and the ignition coil positive terminal is to restrict current flow through the ignition coil. Failure to use an ignition ballast resistor will eventually destroy the ignition module. Installing an ignition ballast resistor has no effect on the performance of the ignition system. (ex. w/HyFire CD Ignitions)

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