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"The smart guy will outsmart himself. The lucky guy will run out of luck. The money guy will never have the desire. But hard work will take you anywhere you want to go!"
- "Speedy" Bill Smith

Industry Leading Performance

Speedway Motors' continued growth and success are the result of the business principles it was founded upon: giving car enthusiasts quality components at affordable prices with quick delivery and courteous service.

Bill Smith's Signature Top Picks
Universal Long Fiberglass Floor Mount Console
                    With these do-it-yourself interior components there's no limit to the   creative uses you'll find! These fiberglass floor consoles allow you   to customize your street rod's interior to suit your style. 
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Long design floor mount console
  • Can be painted, carpeted or upholstered
  • 33.25" long x 8.5" wide x 6" tall
  • Black gel coat
  • Trim this flat bottomed console to custom fit your application
1977-96 GM Front Sway Bar Kit, 1-1/4 Inch
                    These front sway bar kits are designed as a performance    replacement upgrade for  your classic GM full size passenger car. They feature a 1-1/4"   diameter solid steel bar and come  with all hardware needed for a    successful installation. If your Buick or Olds came with an   anti-sway  bar from the factory, chances are this kit will be a direct   replacement.  If it did not, a small amount of drilling will be required   for  installation of the sway bar kit.
  • Achieve flatter cornering
  • Complements rear sway bar to reduce understeer and gain more neutral handing
  • Adds to cornering stability at speed
  • Solid steel 1-1/4" diameter bar
  • Includes polyurethane bushings for increased responsiveness
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Corrosion resistant zinc plated hardware included


  • 77-96 Buick Full Size (RWD including Station Wagon)
  • 77-96 Chevrolet Full Size (including Station Wagon) (Except Impala SS)
  • 77-85 Oldsmobile Full Size (RWD) Except Station Wagon
  • 77-94 Oldsmobile Full Size Station Wagon
  • 77-86 Pontiac Full Size (RWD Except Station Wagon)
  • 77-91 Pontiac Full Size Station Wagon
Powermaster PowerGEN 82051-2 90A GM Long Black 12 Volt Generator
                    If you like traditional looks and reliable, modern  performance, you’ll love this cool 1-wire   alternator. It has  the look of an original generator, but is really a   12-volt,  negative-ground alternator that produces 65 amps at idle and   90 amps  going down the road. This model is designed to fit GM  applications up to 1964 models (except with generator mounted power  steering pump) and features a   simple one-wire hookup. 

We offer this one wire alternator in a black powder coat finish with included stock-appearing mounting brackets (the stock fan carrier bolts to that bracket) and pulleys that accept wide 3/8” belts.

  • GM long frame (7.1 field housing)
  • Easy one-wire hookup
  • Includes lamp terminal for (GEN) charge light
  • 3/8" wide belt pulley included
  • Some applications may require pulley transfer from original generator
  • Uses stock-appearing bracket and fan carrier bolts

PowerGEN 82051-2 Instructions (PDF)



Powermaster's warranty is one year from the date of purchase on all street rod components, and 90 days for any component use for an off road or race application.  

Powermaster will provide all warranty service and technical support regarding warranty claims and inquiries directly to the purchaser to resolve any warranty claims or necessary technical support for warranty resolution.  Speedway Motors is not able to service, warranty, or replace any unit that has a warranty consideration.  As such, the component or components are to be returned to Powermaster and not to Speedway Motors.  

All customers service inquiries pertaining to warranty and defect claims are to be directed to Powermaster and not to Speedway Motors:

Powermaster Customer & Tech Support

Phone: (630) 957-4019


Any Powermaster product that is returned directly to Speedway Motors that is not in a new condition, and that is being returned for warranty replacement or refund consideration will be immediately forwarded on to Powermaster from Speedway Motors on behalf of the purchaser with no further action taken until received by Powermaster.  Powermaster will then will provide both the purchaser and Speedway Motors with final resolution as to the warranty claim.

Henchcraft Chassis Mini Lightning Sprint Right Hand Arm Guard

New from Henchcraft Chassis, these fiberglass right hand arm guard body panels are designed for use on Mini Lightning Sprint 1000cc chassis.  They feature a bubble style for driver's arm clearance as well as contoured with hug edges for high impact resistance.

  • Bubble style for driver arm clearance
  • Contoured with hug edges for impact resistance
  • Quality fiberglass construction
  • For use on Henchraft Mini Lightning Sprint chassis
  • Choose from White or Black gel-coat finish
Henchcraft 2009-Up GSXR Engine Mount Kit

New from Henchcraft Chassis, these engine mount kits allow you to mount your GSXR engine to the motorplate on your Mini Lightning Sprint 1000cc chassis.  They include all mounts needed for a successful installation.

  • (4) billet motor mounts
  • For use on 2009-up GSXR engines
  • For use on Henchcraft Mini Lightning Sprint chassis
Pro-Shocks WB735BK WB Large Steel Shock, 7 Inch Stroke, Comp 3/Reb 5

The newly redesigned PRO WB series steel shocks now feature hardened shafts with a removable rod end while still maintaining their superior, yet economical gas cell design.  A snap ring groove has also been added to allow the use of a coilover kit.  These are ideal for IMCA Modified-type race cars.

  • Compression Length: 13", Extension Length: 20"
  • Compression 3, Rebound 5 

Pro Welded Bearing Shock Chart Application (GIF)


Do not attempt to modify or add snap ring grooves as this will cause the shock absorber to leak.  Pro will not warranty any shocks with added or modified grooves.
GM Aluminum 14 Inch Woodgrain Steering Wheel Dress Up Kit

These steering wheel dress-up kits are designed for use with 14" diameter steering wheels and 1967-1994 GM style steering columns.  They feature a hydrographic woodgrain design and come with everything needed to make your steering wheel one-of-a-kind.

Kit includes:

  • 14 inch wood grain hydrographic half wrap
  • Billet aluminum horn button 
    • Plated billet aluminum
    • Fits our 9 billet bolt steering wheel setups
    • Presses into steering wheel adapter
    • Wood grain hydrographic design, smooth finish
    • Mounting pattern: 9 hole. Diameter: 4-5/8"
  • Wood grain hydrographic billet aluminum steering wheel adapter
    • Fits our billet 9 bolt steering wheel setups
    • Mounting pattern: 9 hole
    • Diameter: 3-1/4"
1934 Ford Club Cab Pickup Fiberglass Body
                    If you were more than 5' tall you didn't fit in a pre 1949 model very well.  Speedy Bill recognized this short coming long ago and instructed his craftsmen to build a longer version of the classy 1934 Ford.

They responded with such a masterpiece that you would swear Ford's designers had done it themselves!  Mind you now, this was no cut-and-slice operation.  To create that "came that way from the factory" illusion both doors, the sides of the cab and the roof had to be completely recontoured.  To make the doors close solidly and stay secure, Speedway's exclusive double-pin latch assemblies were incorporated.  To give a contemporary touch we offer the option of manual or power windows.

The 1934 Ford Club Cab is fully assembled and includes left and right hand doors, complete with inner panels installed (doors are mounted, hinged and latched), left and right hand door cap moldings for window glass installation (window glass not included), window regulators (manual) with handles (power windows are also an option) and visor above windshield (bonded) (glue-in windshield glass not included).  Also included are stock-style door access covers, modern safety door latches and strikers installed, inside and outside door handles (outside handles are key-lockable style) and a durable fiberglass constructed floor.

This product is made to order so quantities may vary. Please call for an estimate on lead time.


Coming Soon!! 

Speedway's G-Comp front suspension kit is a complete bolt-in front frame assembly for the 1962-65 Chevy II. It features all-new performance IFS designed around Speedway's exclusive G-Comp spindles and engineered for optimum handling and vastly improved control.

  • Complete bolt-in front frame assembly replaces stock subframe
  • Clean-sheet IFS design engineered for handling and vastly improved ride and control
  • Delivers optimal negative camber gain to keep tires planted on the ground
  • Caster adjustable with laser cut inserts, camber adjusted with shims
  • 2"x3" .120-wall steel tube rails for increased stiffness
  • Lowers car 3" to 4" from stock, depending on wheel/tire combo
  • Allows use of 18"x9" front wheels and 255 size tires
  • Power rack-and-pinion steering w/ AN# 6 fittings
  • AFCO coilover shocks with 400 lb. rate springs
  • Choice of 11", 12" to 13" diameter disc brakes
  • Choice of Standard 0.188" wall or Heavy Duty 0.250" wall 1-1/4" o/d sway bar
Kit includes front subframe assembly, firewall support tubes, tubular control arms, spindles, coil-over shocks, sway bar, steering rack, and disc brake assembly.
Speedway Chevy Universal Aluminum Radiators

Speedway’s line of universal Chevy radiators makes it easy for budget-minded racers to get a professional-quality aluminum racing radiator. These high performance radiators feature furnace-brazed construction, two rows of large 1" aluminum tubes, billet filler necks and a maximum number of fins per inch for great heat transfer. They are not available with transmission coolers and they do not come with mounting brackets.

These Chevy-style radiators have driver’s side upper inlets, passenger side lower outlets, and can be ordered in a variety of custom widths.

  • All-aluminum, furnace-brazed construction
  • No cheap epoxy glue or crimped in gaskets
  • Maximum amount of fins per inch allows greater heat transfer
  • Billet filler necks
  • Available in 22", 24", 28", or 31" widths (measurements include tanks)

Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article, Radiator Cooling Performance.

French Grimes Racesaver Sprint 305 Chevy Brodix Cylinder Heads
  • Racesaver Sprint Series spec Brodix cylinder heads
  • Fully assembled
  • Heads are certified serial numbered
  • Ready and legal for use on a 305 c.i. Racesaver engine
Front Panhard Bar for T-Bucket Chassis, .5 Inch, Chrome

With cross steering a Panhard bar is a must-have. It stops side-to-side sway of chassis relative to the axle. This bar is for spring-behind-axle, 4-bar front ends on Deluxe style T-Bucket frames and 1927 T-Bucket Fords.

  • For use on Deluxe T-Bucket and '27 T frames
  • Stops side-to-side sway of chassis relative to the axle
  • Beautiful chrome plated finish
  • Easily adjustable for your specific application



Model A Frame Assembly

Speedway Motors makes it easy for you to get your car rolling with our Model A frame assembly. This frame is engineered to accept our radius rod front axle and 4-bar rear suspension kits.

  • Fabricated frame rails
  • 1932 Ford front crossmember
  • Front shock mounts
  • Vega steering box mount
  • Front radius rod mounts
  • Hood hold down brackets
  • Manual brake pedal
  • Master cylinder mount
  • S/B Chevy motor mounts
  • TH350 transmission mount
  • Rear 4-bar mounts
  • Rear coil-over mounts
  • Rear panhard bar mount
  • Welded-in mounting nuts


Truck Freight Shipping Charges Apply - click here for details

1955-57 Chevy Front Sway Bar Kit, 7/8 Inch
                    These front sway bar kits are designed as a performance    replacement upgrade for  your classic GM muscle car. They feature a 7/8"   diameter solid steel bar and come  with all hardware needed for a    successful installation. If your Tri-5 Chevy came with an   anti-sway  bar from the factory, chances are this kit will be a direct   replacement.  If it did not, a small amount of drilling will be required   for  installation of the sway bar kit.
  • Achieve flatter cornering
  • Complements rear sway bar to reduce understeer and gain more neutral handing
  • Adds to cornering stability at speed
  • Solid steel 7/8" diameter bar
  • Includes polyurethane bushings for increased responsiveness
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Corrosion resistant zinc plated hardware included


  • 55-57 Chevrolet full size and station wagon
  • 55-57 Chevrolet Nomad wagon
Mustang II IFS w/ New Stock Control Arms and Dropped Spindles, Air Ride
                    With our complete Mustang II Independent Front Suspension kit you get    brand new stamped steel upper and lower control arms with polyurethane    bushings, 2" dropped steel spindles, Rubber Brake Lines, air springs with  shocks, new manual rack & pinion with bushings   or remanufactured  power rack & pinion with bushings and an 11"  brake  kit featuring  GM Metric-style calipers, with your choice of 5 x  4-1/2"  or 5 x 4-3/4"  bolt patterns. 
  • Works with most Speedway and Heidts crossmembers (be sure to check control arm correspondence when choosing crossmember for your vehicle)
  • These kits are compatible with your application based on which crossmember you have.
  • Kit Includes:
    • New stamped steel upper and lower control arms with polyurethane bushings
    • 2" dropped steel spindles
    • Air springs with shocks
    • Rack and Pinion with bushings and tie rods
    • 11" brake kit with GM calipers
  1. Crossmember NOT included - Add proper crossmember to complete kit.

Note: These IFS kits will require use of strut rods and brackets for the lower control arms.  These kits will work with our replacement strut rod (91034315) and brackets (91034358).  If using the stock style control arms we suggest using the tubular strut rod number (91034322) for additional clearance and better suspension geometry.

Note:  If using these kits with Speedway or Heidts crossmembers for 1948-1956 Ford Pickups, 1955-1959 Chevy Pickups, or universal crossmembers for 27-1/2" - 33-1/2" frame widths, you will be required to purchase 2" Inner Tie Rod Extensions (91034345) or (91034346).

Henchcraft Chassis Mini Lightning Sprint Radiator w/Fan

New from Henchcraft Chassis, these down flow radiators are designed for use on Mini Lightning Sprint 1000cc chassis.  They come with electric fan included.

  • Down flow design
  • Includes fan
  • For use on Henchcraft Mini Lightning Sprint chassis


  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Overall Height: 16"
  • Overall Width: 18.75
  • Tube Style: Downflow
  • Sold in Quantity: Each
  • Overall Thickness: 3"
  • Row Quantity: Dual 1"
  • Finish: Natural
  • Inlet Location: Upper Right
  • Inlet Size: 1.00"
  • Outlet Location: Lower Left
  • Outlet Size: 1.00"
  • Core Height: 12"
  • Core Width: 16.75"
  • Core Thickness: 3"
  • Filler Neck Height: .75
  • Shroud: No
  • Radiator Style: Triple Pass
  • Cooling Fan: Single  


QA1 536835 53 Series Stock Mount Steel Twin Tube Racing Shock
The 53 Series is the upgraded version of the FC Series and features a brand new body which is 100% made in-house and designed with enhanced internal gas bag clearance. Hands down, this is the best shock for stock mount applications. The 53 Series is the hot setup for Southern Sport Mods, Stock cars, and limited modifieds. Specific valvings available for Southern Sport Mods to promote weight transfer and increase traction.
  • Rear - GM Full/Mid-Size
  • Compressed Length: 13.26"
  • Extended Length: 21.30"
  • Upper Mount: T-Bar
  • Lower Mount: Eyelet
  • 2-1/16" Steel twin tube body
  • Stock mount
  • Deflective disc valving
  • Linear valving provides a more stable car and allows the driver to feel the car better
  • Racer revalveable and rebuildable designed for unparalleled repeatability
  • Non-fading
  • 100% Dyno tested & serialized
  • Made in the USA

QA1 53 Series Shock Chart (GIF)

QA1 53 Series Shock Tuning Guide (PDF)

Note: Be sure to check compressed and extended lengths carefully for proper fit. QA1 lengths do not necessarily correspond to competitors’ lengths.

HANS DK11233-421 Hans Device Sport II-20 -Medium-QC-SA-Sliding Tether
  • Rounded collar improves fitting
  • Same performance as all HANS Device models
  • Injection molded – lighter than Sport I, heavier than Pro Series
  • New DuPont polymer reduces weight
  • For SA helmet applications only
  • Only available for 20 degrees seats
Henchcraft Chassis Mini Lightning Sprint Birdcage Set

New from Henchcraft Chassis, these birdcages are designed for use on Mini Lightning Sprint 1000cc chassis.  They are made to work with wishbone rear suspension and are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.

  • Birdcage set of two
  • Designed to work exclusively with wishbone rear suspension
  • Easy rear arm angle adjustment with multiple mounting holes
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Choose from plain/natural or black finish
  • For use on Henchcraft Mini Lightning Sprint chassis