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"The smart guy will outsmart himself. The lucky guy will run out of luck. The money guy will never have the desire. But hard work will take you anywhere you want to go!"
- "Speedy" Bill Smith

Industry Leading Performance

Speedway Motors' continued growth and success are the result of the business principles it was founded upon: giving car enthusiasts quality components at affordable prices with quick delivery and courteous service.

Bill Smith's Signature Top Picks
Champ Pans CP100LTRB GM 604 Crate Engine Oil Pan, 1986-Up, 1-Piece Main

This steel pan is designed around the Camaro front stub with the engine set back. It has six trapdoors, three crank scrapers, two runners, an oil temp fitting, an oil check level plug, and a removable horsepower saving louvered windage tray. Oil capacity of 8 qts. with filter.  These racing oil pans are approved replacements for GM 604 crate engines.

  • 7” deep x 14” wide x 12” long
  • Stock or mini-starter
  • Fits 1986-up engines, GM 604 crate
EMPI 16-2059 Bullet Light Assembly, Convex Red, Each

EMPI Bullet lights feature a high power 12-Volt 50 watt halogen bulb with a mirror finish reflector. The compact (approximately 3-1/2" tall by 2-1/2" diameter) housing is made of precision machined aluminum.

  • Bullet Light w/ Red Lens
  • Precision machined aluminum housing
  • Mounts on flat or slightly rounded surfaces
  • Sold Each

Henchcraft Mini Lightning Sprint 2-Piece Rear Aluminum Sprocket
New from Henchcraft Chassis, these aluminum sprockets are designed for use on Mini Lightning Sprint applications.  They feature durable aluminum construction with a 2-piece design to allow for quick gear changes on any chassis configuration.
  • Durable aluminum sprocket
  • 2-piece design for quick gear changes
  • For 530 chain
  • For use on Mini Lightning Sprint
  • Choose your desired size
Demon Carb 786004 14 Inch Air Cleaner Assembly
                    Dress up your engine with the Demon 14" chrome plated air cleaner assembly.  These air cleaners feature a 3" filter, triple chrome plated top and bottom bases, and securing studs and wing nut. 
  • 14" in diameter
  • 3" deep filter element
  • Triple chrome plated
  • Low Profile
  • Two securing studs included: 1/4" x 20tpi (Street Demon) and 5/16" x 18tpi (all other Demons)
  • Tri-lobe wing nut is counter-bored and furnished with 1/4" and 5/16" internal threads
Short Finned Small Block Chevy Valve Covers w/Holes

These valve covers not only look cool, they feature a short design and work with Small Block Chevy engines.  Finned with aluminum construction keeps these valve covers lightweight.

  • Short style
  • Finned design
  • Aluminum construction
  • Fits Small Block Chevy V8 engines
  • Includes hardware, baffles, and grommets
Speedway Universal 20 Circuit Wiring Harness
                    Whether you're building an option loaded car or just want to have extra circuits available for future updates, this harness is perfect and makes any job painless. Compact 5-1/2"L x 4-1/2"W x 3-1/4"H  fuse block holds 18 standard push-in fuses and can be mounted almost anywhere. 

Each high temperature wire is color coded and labeled every six inches. Also includes GM type steering column connectors. To keep costs down and the quality high, this harness does not include any switches, light sockets or plugs that you would normally already have.

  • Harness has 20 circuits, of which 18 are fused
  • Taillight leads measure 17' long
  • Includes plug for GM column, headlight switch, dimmer switch, and signal flashers

Wiring Harness Installation Instructions (PDF)

Adjustable LS Engine Motor Mount Adapter Bracket Kit
                    These engine mount adapter kits are specially designed for use on LS engines with a variety of applications.  They come adjustable to provide up to 3" of total range.
  • Provides up to 3" of total adjustment range
  • For GM LS engines
  • Includes all hardware
  • Includes polyurethane mounts

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled S/B Chevy Aluminum Head, Straight Plug

You don't sacrifice quality for a low price - get both with a Flo-Tek aluminum cylinder head. This Chevy aluminum head is loaded with high end features like bronze valve guides, multi angle valve job, and 3/8" screw-in rocker studs with guideplates. This is a pre-1986 design small block Chevy cylinder head with a standard exhaust port design. Heads are sold each.

  • Head is sold individually
  • 180cc intake runners
  • 62cc exhaust runners
  • 64cc combustion chambers
  • 2.02" and 1.60" stainless steel valves
  • High performance springs for .550" lift
  • Compatible with most flat tappet camshafts
  • Five angle valve job
  • Bronze guides
  • Straight plug
  • 3/8" screw-in studs and guide plates
  • Port for temperature probe
  • Works well with most flat tappet street cams

Flow Numbers:

  • Valve Lift     .400"     .500"     .600"
  • Intake           206       237       244   
  • Exhaust        165       177       187
MSD 79193 Pro-Mag 12 LT Magneto Cap and Rotor, Black

Electrical problems can occur at any given time. Be ready and have a spare MSD Magneto Cap and Rotor on hand for those rare cases so you don't get left behind.

  • Distributor cap and rotor kit for use with Pro Mag Lite
  • Designed with performance in mind
  • High quality voltage insulating material
  • Brass terminals
  • Black
Wehrs Machine WM230 Ford 9 Inch Steel Arc Climber Pinion Mount Kit

These steel arc climber kits feature a Ford 9" pinion mount with a 3" slot on arc for quick adjustments.  They are designed to keep the track lined up left to right as well.

  • Steel construction
  • Ford 9" pinion mount
  • 3" slot on arc for quick adjustments
  • Keeps track lined-up left to right
Heidts SB-003 Mustang II Front Stabilizer Sway Bar Kit, 1937-39 Chevy
                    These front sway bar kits from Heidts are the best quality  suspension   components on the market. They come complete with everything  you need   for a painless installation.
  • For 1937-39 Chevy passenger cars
  • Mustang II I.F.S.
  • Includes urethane mount and end-link bushings
  • Hardware included
Speedway Chevy Universal Aluminum Radiators

Speedway’s line of universal Chevy radiators makes it easy for budget-minded racers to get a professional-quality aluminum racing radiator. These high performance radiators feature furnace-brazed construction, two rows of large 1" aluminum tubes, billet filler necks and a maximum number of fins per inch for great heat transfer. They are not available with transmission coolers and they do not come with mounting brackets.

These Chevy-style radiators have driver’s side upper inlets, passenger side lower outlets, and can be ordered in a variety of custom widths.

  • All-aluminum, furnace-brazed construction
  • No cheap epoxy glue or crimped in gaskets
  • Maximum amount of fins per inch allows greater heat transfer
  • Billet filler necks
  • Available in 22", 24", 28", or 31" widths (measurements include tanks)

Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article, Radiator Cooling Performance.

Moroso 68050 Billet Aluminum Small Block Chevy Sprint Valve Covers

These Moroso billet aluminum valve covers are designed for use with small block Chevy engines with 12° to 23° cylinder heads with the valves in the conventional location.  Each valve cover is CNC machined from a billet aluminum bar.  The end result is that each valve cover weighs 1.69 lbs without sacrificing strength.  Airtight sealing allows the engine to pull greater vacuum for improved ring seal and power.

  • Black anodized finish
  • Billet aluminum
  • Designed for Sprint Cars
  • Fits SBC engines with 12° to 23° heads
  • Works in other applications that require strong lightweight valve covers
Speedway 1928-1948 Ford Forged Spindles w/ King Pins

These Speedway spindles are one piece, drop forged design constructed of high strength 4140 steel, which makes them superior to original components. These spindles are modeled after the '37-'41 round-back design and use '37-'41 Ford king pins.

These spindles fit Ford axles from '28-'48. They can be used with period correct drum brakes or modern Speedway Motors disc brakes, but will not work with hubs from '28-'36.

  • Uses 1937-1941 king pin kit
  • For Ford axles 1928-1948
  • Will not work with 1928-1936 Hubs
  • Includes king pin kit

Be sure to include our spindle nut kit (910616004) to properly install these spindles.

Spindle Identification Guide (GIF)

910-32104 Instructions (PDF)

Universal Polished Aluminum Gas/Throttle Pedal Assembly, Large Pad

These universal polished aluminum throttle pedals feature a pad with 6 non-slip rubber inserts.  They are a firewall mount style with angle easily adjustable via the included set screw. These gas pedals are perfect for your next street rod project.

  • Polished aluminum construction with a urethane bushing at the center
  • Pedal is spring loaded
  • Firewall mount
  • Shaft allows you to position arm as needed
  • Easily adjust the angle between the two arms a full 360°
  • Pad measures 2" x 4-1/2"
  • 6 non-slip rubber inserts
TCI 1947-1953 1/2 Ton Chevy Pickup Rear Leaf Spring Kit, 3100 Series Chassis

Improve the ride, handling and stance of your classic truck with a new rear leaf spring kit. These kits are desgined to lower your truck 4-inches from stock and provide a smoother ride. Spring hangers and shock crossmember bolt on; axle pads are weld-on. Kits include leaf springs, brackets, shock kit, mounting and instructions.

Chevy Pickup Rear Leaf Spring Installation Instructions (PDF)

Speedway 305 Sprint Car Flat Tappet Camshaft, 3200-7200 RPM, 286/300

These 286/300 tight lash flat tappet cams are specifically designed for use in 305 c.i. sprint car classes. They are drilled and tapped for your power steering and fuel pumps and the specs should fall into most .530" max lift rules. They are designed for quicker acceleration, and cams must be used with an oil additive.

  • Tight lash flat tappet
  • Specifically designed for use in 305 Sprint car classes
  • Drilled and tapped for rear accessory drive

Cam Application Chart (Link)

Be sure to use an oil additive with these camshafts to ensure long life of your engine components. (Comp Cams - 282159, Red Line - 60781403, Lucas Oil - 484100631)

Three Plain 9 Super 7 Carbs on 1957-86 Small Block Chevy Edelbrock Intake

This tri power kit uses the Edelbrock C-357-B S/B Chevy 3x2 intake with Speedway's 9 Super 7® carbs. It has progressive linkage to give you good driveability and economy, but power when you need it. The manifold has a balanced 180° firing order port runner arrangement. It contains an exhaust gas heat riser and offers excellent performance potential. (idle-5500 rpm)

Kit includes three carbs, the intake, air cleaners, linkage kit, fuel block, fittings and red fuel line. Assembly required. Fits 1957-1986 Chevy 262-400 c.i.d. small-block Chevys.

9 Super 7® Linkage Instructions (PDF)

Note: Not applicable to an HEI based distributor system due to a clearance issue. This system must be used in conjunction with a small diameter based distributor.

The 9Super7 Carb  makes setting up a multiple carburetor induction system easier than when Strombergs were available new. Our 3 Carb kits come with one primary carburetor and two secondary carburetors while the 2 Carb kits are both primary carbs.  See our Multiple Carburetor Tech Tip for more information on using the 9 Super 7 in a 2x2 or 3x2 carb set-up.

  • Three Deuce carburetor setups come with two "secondary" carbs for front and rear intake position and one "primary" carb for central/middle position
  • All-new tooling for crisp, flawless castings
  • New aluminum base assembly allows for cooler fuel temps and better fuel efficiency as compared to the original cast iron design
  • Stainless steel screws and hardware
  • Original troublesome needle and seat replaced by a Grose-style fuel inlet valve to better cope with higher fuel pressures and improved high speed running 
  • Will not stick or dribble like the old Viton-tipped needle and seat setups
  • Extended brass throttle shaft to simplify multi-carb linkage
  • Primary Carb - (1) Middle Position
    • Choke assembly, accelerator pump, and jets have all been faithfully retained and accept standard Stromberg parts
  • Secondary Carb - (2) Front and Rear Position
    • Special base plate with no idle circuits or choke linkage
    • Special butterflies and shafts installed
    • Works best with progressive linkage
    • Idle only off the center or main carburetor
    • No more plug foul

Note: The secondary carbs have NO choke, and they have NO idle system.

915-11655 Primary 9 Super 7 Carburetor Instructions (PDF)

Formed Aluminum Bolt-In Battery Box

These aluminum racing battery boxes are formed with built in mounting flanges.  They easily attach to a surface with four 1/4" bolts and has convenient index marks for each battery terminal.

  • No Hardware Included
  • Aluminum Material
  • Natural Finish
  • Sold Individually


  • Overall Length: 5.88"
  • Overall Width: 9.25"
  • Overall Height: 3.50"
  • Inside Length: 5.75"
  • Inside Width: 7.00"
  • Inside Height: 3.38"