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Making Dreams Come True for 62 Years

"The smart guy will outsmart himself. The lucky guy will run out of luck. The money guy will never have the desire. But hard work will take you anywhere you want to go!"
- "Speedy" Bill Smith

Industry Leading Performance

Speedway Motors' continued growth and success are the result of the business principles it was founded upon: giving car enthusiasts quality components at affordable prices with quick delivery and courteous service.

Top Picks
Speedway Universal 20 Circuit Wiring Harness
(Part #91064027)
                    Whether you're building an option loaded car or just want to have extra circuits available for future updates, this harness is perfect and makes any job painless. Compact 5-1/2"L x 4-1/2"W x 3-1/4"H  fuse block holds 18 standard push-in fuses and can be mounted almost anywhere. 

Each high temperature wire is color coded and labeled every six inches. Also includes GM type steering column connectors. To keep costs down and the quality high, this harness does not include any switches, light sockets or plugs that you would normally already have.

  • Harness has 20 circuits, of which 18 are fused
  • Taillight leads measure 17' long
  • Includes plug for GM column, headlight switch, dimmer switch, and signal flashers

Wiring Harness Installation Instructions (PDF)

Note: This kit includes ribbon plugs to connect to most GM and aftermarket columns, in addition to including plugs to connect to the ignition switch on "keyed" GM columns.

Griffin 7-70077 Deluxe Flathead V8 28-29 Ford Aluminum Radiator
(Part #91735529)

Griffin Aluminum radiators give superior cooling over a brass/copper radiator. This deluxe model features 2 rows of 1.25" tubes furnace brazed into the core which provides 40% greater tube-to-fin contact over a copper/brass radiator. The deluxe model can handle all of your extreme cooling needs.

  • Built-in HD automatic transmission oil cooler
  • Hood support brackets are included
  • Brackets on side for gille shell
  • Brackets on top for support rods
  • No "dummy" filler neck

Griffin Flathead Radiator Application Chart (GIF)

Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance.  

Viair 38033 Dual Air Suspension Compressor Kit, 380C, Chrome
(Part #91038033)

The Viair 380C is a truly-rated continuous duty, 12-volt, 200 PSI compressor. These air suspension compressors fill a 5.0-gallon tank from 165 PSI to 200 PSI in only 3-1/2 minutes consistently, while never pulling more than 23 amps of power (@ 13.8 volts). Features include a standard 1/4” stainless steel braided leader hose with 1/4” NPT inline check valve and insulated wiring.

  • 12 Volt
  • Permanent Magnetic Motor
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI (55% @ 200 PSI)
  • 200 PSI max working pressure
  • 5.0 gallon capacity
  • 23 amp max draw
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
  • 9.00" length
  • 4.00" width
  • 6.75" height
  • 8.75 pounds

Kit includes:

  • (2) 380C Chrome Compressors
  • Intercooler Head
  • (2) Air Filter Assemblies
  • (2) Remote Mount Brackets
  • (2) Sets of Remote Mount Fittings
  • (2) Sets of Spare Air Filter Elements
  • (8) Sets of Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Lock Washers
  • (2) Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hoses with Inline Check Valve
  • (6) Airline Clips with Included Hardware
  • Installation instructions

 Fill Rates:

  • 2.5 Gallon Air Tank:
    • 0 to 145 PSI - 3 min. 30 sec. 
    • 110 to 145 PSI - 1 min. 10 sec.
    • 0 to 200 PS - 6 min. 05 sec.
    • 165 to 200 - 1 min. 45 sec.
  • 5 Gallon Air Tank:
    • 0 to 145 PSI - 7 min. 20 sec.
    • 110 to 145 PSI - 2 min. 25 sec.
    • 0 to 200 PSI - 13 min. 25 sec. 
    • 165 to 200 PSI - 3 min. 39 sec.

38033 Installation Manual (PDF) 

38033 Dimensions (PDF) 

38033 Wiring Diagram (PDF)

Hot Products Engineering 2020-60 Hot Head Engine Heater, 4000 Watt
(Part #9404000)
                    This trick engine heater is a lower priced alternative to correctly warm up your engine. Designed to work with portable generators that have at least 5,000 watts and a 220 outlet. Two heating cycles, one for initial warm up that uses 4,000 watts of power. The second to maintain your temperature uses only 1,500 watts.

Comes with the correct plug to put on your cord and aluminum male quick disconnects. Weighs only 25 pounds and measures 24" x 9" x 10". Convenient to use and store.

Fuel Safe SB228DT Complete Sprint Car Tank Kit, 28 Gallon, -12 AN Top
(Part #94063409)
                    Fuel Safe has long been the leader in Sprint Car tanks and bladders.  All bladders meet stringent safety requirements and are serial numbered.  Speedway now offers tank kits with or without the anti-surge baffle and the new popular collector options.  All tanks have molded in mounts for all current Sprint Cars.  Tank kits comes complete with pickup and upper plate with cap and vent.  For use with alcohol fuel only.
Aeromotive 13304 X1 Carburetor Bypass Regulator, 3-15 PSI
(Part #91013304)

No matter the application, the Aeromotive X1 Carburetor Bypass Regulator provides dependable fuel pressure regulation. If you are making the change from a carburetor to EFI or vise versa there is no longer a need to purchase a new regulator. Simply utilize the Aeromotive 13304 conversion kit. Replace original X1 Series regulator internals with the 13304 X1 conversion kit, and you have a regulator with vastly different characteristics. The X1 Series provides flexible performance that grows as your fuel system grows.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Anodized finish
  • 3-15 PSI pressure range 
  • -8 AN inlet, outlet and return port
  • 1/8" NPT gauge port
  • 1:1 boost reference port for easy forced induction connection

Aeromotive 13304 X1 Info

X1 Series – Carb Bypass

SKU 13304


From carbureted to EFI pressures, naturally aspirated or forced induction, the X1 is designed to span the entire range of applications providing dependable fuel pressure regulation

- See more at:

X1 Series – Carb Bypass

SKU 13304


From carbureted to EFI pressures, naturally aspirated or forced induction, the X1 is designed to span the entire range of applications providing dependable fuel pressure regulation

- See more at:
Eagle Motorsports Steel Short Floor Pan, 23.25 Inch
(Part #9405662)

Eagle Motorsports offers this steel floor pan that fits Sprint race cars with a short floor pan option. The floor pan weighs just 10 pounds and works on multiple chassis brands. Same shape as the original aluminum version.

  • Steel construction
  • Natural finish
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Additional rigidity and protection
  • Works on multiple chassis brands
  • 23.25" length
  • 20.00" width
  • 3.00" height
Simpson Voyager Sidewinder SA2010 Racing Helmet
(Part #630512)
The Simpson Voyager Sidewinder Racing Helmet provides superior aerodynamics with its newly developed "Wave Eliminators". Also newly designed on this helmet are the shield pivot system and the shield latch that now opens with ease. The Sidewinder Racing Helmet was designed specifically for stock car and drag racing.
  • Snell SA 2010 Rated, manufactured in the USA
  • Best for stock car and drag racing
  • Defined "Wave Eliminators" increase functionality from an aerodynamics aspect
  • Newly designed shield pivot system
  • Newly designed shield latch opens with ease
  • Recessed eye port offers a 100% shield seal
  • Head and neck restraint compatible; radio communications available
  • As worn by: Kurt Busch
  • Be sure to check out the Color Chart below to see the different color options available

Simpson Sizing Chart (GIF)

Helmet Color Chart  

Wehrs Machine WM26320 Sport Mod Frame Mount, 2 Inch
(Part #91045597)
Clamp on steel climber frame mount for rear panhard bars. Angle slot keeps rear end track linked up. Mount comes with all hardware.
  • 2" tube
  • Steel construction
  • For rear panhard bars
  • Keeps rear end track linked up
  • Comes with all hardware
Currie 1964-66 GM A-Body 9 Inch Crate Rearend Kit
(Part #91006466)

Now you can have the strength and serviceability that Ford drivers have enjoyed for years underneath your GM vehicle. Currie Crate Rearends are built using the stock overall width, pinion offest, and mounting points of your original rear axle housing, making it a 100% bolt-in upgrade. Designed as a bolt-in kit for 1964-66 Chevelle, El Camino, Skylark, Cutlass, LeMans/GTO applications.

  • All new 9-Plus heavy duty housing
  • Urethane upper control arm bushings installed
  • 31 spline performance axle shafts
  • 60-1/4" width
  • Torino-style late model large bearing housing ends
  • Third member studs installed
  • Axles drilled for stock 5 on 4-3/4" wheel bolt pattern
  • 7/16"-20 wheel studs pressed into axles
  • 1/4” thick heavy duty bearing retainer plates
  • Tapered Timken style wheel bearings pressed onto axle

Note that '64-'66 Chevelles had a flat style spring pad on the housing which was used up to early '67. This housing may be used in your '67, but you must first check the spring pad type to make sure it is the right one for your vehicle.

Note: Works with Speedway rear disc brake kits, 11" Ford Explorer disc brakes, and Wilwood disc brakes. Third member sold separately.

To learn more about Currie's 9+ rearends, check out these Frequently Asked Questions on 9-Plus Housing (Link)

How to Measure Your Housing Tech Tip (Link)

Need a certain length not found on our site?  Check out Currie's 9+ Rearend Calculator to have specially sized axles or rearend housings made for your specific application.  Custom orders will be built and processed directly through Currie Enterprizes and shipped to your door. For ease of ordering, please refer to Currie's Dimension Diagram

Installation Notes:

When installing new axles in rearends with posi traction differentials, be sure to install the driver's side axle first to keep the splines properly aligned.  Failure to do so may move the two splined gears out of alignment, and it may be difficult to install the driver's side axle properly if the passenger side axle is already installed.

If installation of passenger side axle is done first it may require two people when installing the driver's side axle, with both parties rotating reach axle until splines are in line and the driver's side axle fully sides into the housing.

To ensure you get the most out of your new 9 Inch components, Currie recommends that you perform a proper break-in process:

  • Use a name brand mineral-based gear oil, preferably 85w140 (Extremely high quality synthetic oils may be used once break-in process has been successfully performed)
  • Place vehicle on jack stands and let the rearend spin while the vehicle idles - run transmission in both forward and reverse periodically throughout the process
  • Continue to run the rearend until the pinion gets hot (place hand on bottom of the differential housing to verify this)
  • Proper break-in allows:
    • The ability to install new axles and hit the track the same day without worry
    • Extended life for rearend components
    • Keeps the quality and life of your gear oil

Note: If you find that your rearend is running somewhat "tight" be sure to add Currie's 9+ Friction Modifier to "loosen up".  If a more aggressive performance is desired, Friction Modifier is not needed.


Henchcraft Chassis Mini Lightning Sprint 2011-Up Front Radiator Shroud
(Part #97052088)

These aluminum air deflector shrouds mount directly in front of the radiator on your Henchcraft Mini Lightning Sprint Chassis.  They eliminate  damage from debris and compliments under nose air induction panels. Hardware not included.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Natural finish
  • 8.00" overall height
  • 21.50" width
  • Hardware not included
  • For use on Henchraft Mini Lightning Sprint chassis
Aeroquip FBM3414 Stainless Steel Support Coil Hose Cover, -16 AN
(Part #6173414)

Aeroquip stainless steel support coil hose covers for -16 AN line work to keep the line from being sucked shut when under vacuum.  These support coil feature a 20 foot overall length.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • For -16 AN vacuum hose line
  • 20' overall length 
1932 Ford 5-Window Garnish Molding, LH, Black
(Part #9113219)

These 1932 Ford 5-window coupe quarter garnish moldings are stamped exactly as the originals were. They have all mounting screw holes to ensure a perfect fit. Right side can be found under part number 9113217.

  • Heavy gauge stamped steel reproduction
  • Black EDP coated 
  • Left hand side


Schoenfeld MS702RIYR-4 Suzuki GSXR 600 Headers, 1-3/8 Inch Primary
(Part #917607)

These Schoenfeld Suzuki GSXR 600 headers are designed for micro/mini sprint car racing. They feature 1-3/8" tube diameter with 1-3/4" collector and smooth mandrel bends with rotational firing into a 4 into 2 into 1 racing merge collector with a 1-1/4" insert. Hardware and gaskets are included

  • 4-2-1 style collector with 1-1/4" insert
  • 1-3/8" tube diameter
  • 1-3/4" collector
  • Gaskets included
Wilwood 140-11762 Titanium Inboard Brake Kit
(Part #83514011762)

Dynapro Radial Sprint Inboard Kit Features: A fully engineered bolt-on brake system for sprint car quick change rears with 3.00 x 46 splined axles. With titanium or Super Alloy.810 vented discs and a newly designed dynamic mount rotor axle clamp, are the lowest rotating weights available for Sprint racing. The lightweight advantages of the titanium rotor are fortified with the high durability, long wear, and superior heat control properties of advanced PolyMetallic coating technology. Forged billet DynaPro radial mount calipers with Composition Metallic pads, produce superior stopping power and consistent fade-free response. Kit includes Axle Clamp with Dynamic Mount Rotor Adapter assembly with T-nuts and Radial Mount Bracket and mounting hardware.

Instructions (PDF) 

BendPak XPR10 Clear Floor 2 Post Lift, 10,000 Pound Capacity
(Part #9105175765)
                    The safe and rugged XPR-10 two-post lift, CE approved and certified,  features an adjustable top beam to accommodate wide or narrow  installation set-ups. This unique configurable design allows you to  choose the best setting for your specific space or vehicle lifting  requirements. The highly sophisticated yet simple and dependable  XPR-Series design requires very little service or maintenance for an  overall lower cost of ownership. All BendPak's XPR two-post models  feature dual "direct-drive" low-pressure cylinders, maintenance-free  UHMW load bearings, single-piece columns, extra-tall lifting carriages  and triple-telescoping arm configuration for increase arm positioning  versatility. 

The entire XPR-Series is a reflection of BendPak's continuing commitment to producing lifts of only the highest quality, maximum safety and utmost reliability. Featuring the most advanced engineered technology available in the industry, these lifts are built to safety standards well above normal OSHA/ALI/ETL requirements. The XPR-Series lifts include a wealth of standard and optional features to support the operator's need for performance and security. Combined with BendPak's tradition of durable, reliable construction, the XPR-Series has become the new industry benchmark that others are sure to follow.

  • Lift arms shown with optional foot guards
  • 10,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN 1493
  • Expandable top beam accommodates wide or narrow drive-thru configuration
  • Padded overhead safety shutoff bar
  • Exclusive Tru-Metric arm design for more versatile arm positioning
  • Single-point safety release
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders
  • Over-sized 53" tall carriage for superior strength and durability
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Large, 17" x 19" A36 steel base plate
  • Self-lubricating dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3"
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Heavy-duty 3/8" aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • 8-piece truck and van adapter set standard
  • Triple-telescoping arm design
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapters

For more information check out XPR10 lifts, Direct Drive Technology, and How to Determine Your Vehicle's Center of Balance (PDF) 

Scat 4-305-3480-5700-1 Chevy 305 Crankshaft, 4340 Forged Steel
(Part #91515450)

SCAT’s 4340 standard weight crankshafts will give you strength and reliability to dominate the competition. With SCAT’s premium non-twist forgings, machined to exact specifications, big and reliable cubic inches can be made. Correct weight to work for most 305 engines and features 2 piece rear main seal.

  • Designed & engineered at SCAT
  • Precision ground & micro polished
  • Heat treated & ion nitrided
  • Straight shot & chamfered oil holes
  • Lightening holes & large radii on all journals
  • 2.10" rod journal diameter
  • 5.70" rod length
  • 3.480" stroke
  • 2 piece rear main seal.
Conroy Pneu Bleeder Poppet Bleeder Kit for Winters Axle
(Part #9401500)
                    Don't let centrifugal force control your bleeders. By mounting your bleeders in the center of the axle axis, these forces are eliminated and allow the bleeder to do the job it was intended to do. Also available in diaphragm style.
Mustang II IFS, Tubular Control Arms, Coilover Springs, Dropped Spindles
(Part #91034207)
                    Hub-to-hub kit includes tubular upper and offset strutless lower control arms, new standard spindles, rubber brake lines, 2" dropped spindles, Carrera coilovers, new manual or rebuilt power rack & pinion with bushings and new tie rods. The 11" brake kit features GM Metric calipers, with your choice of 5 x 4-1/2" or 5 x 4-3/4" bolt pattern.
  • Works with all Speedway and Heidts crossmembers 
  • Kit Includes:
    • Tubular Upper and Lower Strutless Control Arms
    • 2" Dropped Spindles
    • Carrera Coilovers
    • Rack and Pinion with bushings and tie rods
    • 11" brake kit with GM calipers
  1. Add proper crossmember to complete kit.

Spring Rate Chart (Link)

Note: Additional items may be needed to complete installation.  You may want to include our Mustang II ride height adjusters (91034444) for installation with these IFS kits to fine tune your final ride height up to 2".

Note:  If using these kits with Speedway or Heidts crossmembers for 1948-1956 Ford Pickups, 1955-1959 Chevy Pickups, or universal crossmembers for 27-1/2" - 33-1/2" frame widths, you will be required to purchase 2" Inner Tie Rod Extensions (91034345) or (91034346).