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Four Post Battery Disconnect Switch

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Has two 3/8" copper terminals and two 10-32 terminals. Brass mounting stem is 3/4"-16 and 23/32" long. Fits up to 3/16" thick panels.
Four Post Battery Disconnect SwitchFour Post Battery Disconnect SwitchFour Post Battery Disconnect SwitchFour Post Battery Disconnect Switch
Four Post Battery Disconnect Switch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Battery disconnect switch for safety and theft protection. Required for use with alternator cutoff by NHRA. Battery shut off switch can be remote mounted or where specified for saftey and convenience. This battery kill switch featues a die cast lever.

Rated at 180 amp continuous, 1000 amp instantaneous.

910-64501 Instructions (PDF)

Item Details

with Alternator Cutoff

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Battery Cable Bulkhead Connector
                        This handy connector allows you to run your battery cable through a firewall the right way. Utilizes heavy duty 3/8" x 16 brass terminals and requires a 1-1/4" hole.
Two Post Battery Disconnect Switch
                        Remote battery disconnect switch for safety and theft protection. A battery kill switch is required for use with alternators by the NHRA. Battery shut off switch can be remote mounted or where specified for saftey and  convenience.
  • 180 amp continuous, 1000 amp instantaneous
  • Die cast lever
  • Fits panel through 3/16" thick

910-64500 Instructions (PDF)

Economy Battery Disconnect Switch

Durable plastic battery kill switch with removable red key. This battery disconnect switch is a two post design. Battery shut off switch can be remote mounted or where specified for saftey and convenience.

  • Quick and easy method to guarantee security and safety
  • No more worries about slow battery drain from non-use
  • Ideal theft deterrent, easily mounts under the hood
  • A must for many racing associations

910-64502 Instructions (PDF)

Accel 1843 Battery Cable, 3 Feet, 2 Gauge, Black Ground Cable

ACCEL battery wire is half the weight of traditional battery cable. The copper clad aluminum design allows your racecar to have the same amount of energy and power running thru your battery cables but at half the weight. This allows you to lighten up your car or add weight were it will help the car handle better.

  • 3 Feet universal battery grounding cable- 2 Gauge ground wire in black
  • Lightning cable is half the weight of standard battery cable
  • Copper Clad aluminum allows maximum energy transfer
Longacre 44897 Carbon Fiber Starter Switch Panel, Cover/Master Switch

This composite panel is made of lightweight molded ABS featuring a carbon fiber pattern that matches Longacre's new composite gauge panels. The starter panel features a high capacity ignition switch with a aircraft style cover. The ignition switch is easy to turn off in an emergency but will not turn off from vibrations. Starter button has a rubber switch boot to seal out moisture. Manual battery disconnect switch features a bright red panel for easy disconnect during an emergency.

  • Great looking Composite Panel - Lightweight molded ABS with a carbon fiber pattern
  • Matches our new Composite Gauge Panels
  • High capacity ignition switch with weatherproof cover and pilot light
  • Starter button with rubber switch boot to seal out moisture
  • Assembled and wired, 40 amp @ 12v DC
  • Plugs into Longacre wiring harness (not included)
  • Pre-wired with high insulation 'Fat' wires and soldered terminals with heat shrink seals
  • Manual battery disconnect switch with a bright red handle
  • Easier to find in an emergency
  • Prevents battery drain
  • 175 amp continuous rating, 6-36 volt, 1000 peak
Longacre 48115 Deluxe Racing Battery Cable Kit
                        These kits are perfect for high output racing applications but will work with just about anything. They are designed for use with top post battery terminals and come complete with disconnect switch and heavy duty ground cable.  Installer must cut cable to desired lengths and then solder on the terminal ends provided.
  • 133 strand 1/0 pre-cut cables for entire system
  • Ends are factory soldered for a quick, simple installation
  • Includes solenoid and battery disconnect switch with panel
  • Starter cable is heat protected with Firebraid
  • Includes heavy duty 14" ground strap and all cables from battery to switch
  • Battery cable provided is 12.5 ft in length
Memory Guard for Electronics

If you'd like to use a battery disconnect switch but don't want your computer or radio memory to reset each time you cut the power, you need the Memory Guard. The Memory Guard hooks across the terminals of your battery disconnect and has a 3 amp fuse in it.

This device permits the flow of the very small amount of energy necessary to preserve your computer's volatile memory, while simultaneously preventing a flow of energy sufficient to start the engine, so no one can steal your automobile and the battery life will hardly be affected! If anyone tries to start your car, it will pop the fuse.

It's ideal for all vehicles with a radio with memory or clock and those running a fuel injection system.

Copper Battery Cable Ends, 2 Gauge, 3/8 Inch Hole

Tubular copper battery cable ends with ring-style lugs.

Sold in bags of 10.