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Gift Ideas for Racers

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We all love it when the racer in our life makes a specific list of parts or apparel that they want for the holidays. Makes it easy to call up Speedway Motors and have that carburetor or radiator under the tree in a few days.

But what if they don’t give you the details?

If you know how important racing is to them, but don’t know where to start, our gift guide will get you pointed in the right direction.

Speedway Motors Budget Racer Essentials Kit

Essential tools and gear to make race day a win for $199.99

This kit is a great way to get that rookie racer started off right. We’ve bundled together a few necessary tools every racer needs to set up and maintain their race car.

Kit Includes:

  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
  • No-Sink Aluminum Jack Stands
  • Stagger Stick
  • Quick-Change Lug Wrench Tool.

The digital tire pressure gauge is a must for any racer, and you’ll likely see them using it to maintain their daily driver as well. The aluminum jack stands have a 3000-pound capacity, but only weigh 7-pounds each, making them easy to throw in the trailer and kick around the pits. Better yet, they’re designed to not sink in soft ground, a major bonus for circle track racers who almost always pit in the dirt. This kit also includes a stagger stick to aid in setup as well as a quick-change lug wrench tool to speed up wheel and tire changes between races.

1-Layer Racing Suit Combo

Safety equipment shouldn't break the bank. Protection, comfort & style for $199.99

Combo Includes:

  • Racing Suit
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Neck Brace

Our 1-layer Racing Suit Combo provides protection, comfort, and style all at an affordable price. Made out of fire-retardant cotton and SFI-1 certified means this suit offers quality protection. Available in red, black, and blue, this kit also comes with gloves, shoes, and neck brace. Add a helmet and they’ll be ready to run next season in style and safety…

SA2020 Helmets

The latest in helmet safety tech starts at $148.46

Speedway Motors has a large selection of these updated helmets to suit any budget. Be a hero to the racer in your life by giving them the gift of safety. Find your racer’s SA2020 Helmet today.

The Snell Foundation’s SA certification is the most widely recognized 4-wheeled motorsports helmet certification in the US and is used in motorsports worldwide. Sanctioning bodies such as IMCA, Wissota, NASCAR, SCCA, NHRA, etc. require competitors to use a helmet with a Snell SA certification. They’ve made some changes to this standard in 2020 to make helmets even safer, and it’s only a matter of time until SA2020 helmets are required by many tracks and sanctioning bodies.

AllStart 540 Micro-Boost Battery Charger/Jump Starter

A little box of magic to start the tow rig in an instant for just $54.99

Allstart Jump Packs make a great gift for just about anyone and can really save the day. Racers travel a lot, and nothing shuts down the night’s racing (or the tow home in the middle of the night) like a dead battery in the tow rig. They’re compact enough to be stored under the seat or in the glovebox, but powerful enough to jump a dead battery and get you back on the road. When it happens, they’ll call to thank you on the way home.

P.S. Your racer will appreciate this, no doubt. But these make amazing gifts for anyone. There‘s nothing like ditching jumper cables and being able to help a stranger in a couple minutes without finagling cables or moving cars nose-to-nose.

Speedway Motors Racing Shirts

Soft, comfortable & made in the USA racing shirts for $19.99

Let’s face it, racers are hard on T-shirts. Grease and welding sparks always seem to find their way onto new shirts no matter how careful they are. Help them out this year by picking up a couple of these soft, high quality made in the USA racing T-shirts. The racer in your life can show their love of racing in style and comfort (and have a few spares for the inevitable mishap).

Dart IMCA Approved Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Give your racer the gift of more power for $299.99

It may seem strange to buy your loved one a big chunk of machined cast iron for Christmas.

Rest assured, this is no lump of coal. If they run IMCA events, they will love finding a pair of these heads under the tree. These are a Speedway Motors exclusive that feature the IMCA logo and a serial number, making them legal for any IMCA class that allows the CH350I cylinder head. These can be purchased bare or assembled to specs appropriate for Hobby Stock, Stock Car, and Sport Mod classes.

Speedway SBC/BBC V8 Engine Storage Stand, Lift Plate, and Leveler

Everything to make safely pulling, storing and installing a breeze for just $79.99.

V8 Engine Stand Kit Includes:

  • Lift Plate
  • Adjustable Leveler
  • Rolling Stand

Engine swaps are an inevitable part of racing. This kit not only makes it easy to pull and install almost any engine, but also offers a rolling stand to store spare Small and Big Block Chevys. The lift plate and adjustable leveler offer a safe way to lift the engine and make it easy to maneuver into place. And that rolling stand is just the thing to get that block they’ve been falling over off the floor and rolled out of the way until it’s needed.

Speedway Motors Gift Cards

One size fits all. Never expires, never has fees. Any amount between $10 and $200.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? We have some good news for you. Speedway Motors offers gift cards in any amount from $10 to $200. They never expire or have any fees. Choose from the traditional card in the mail (a perfect stocking stuffer) or an emailed gift card. eGift cards arrive immediately, so if you’ve waited until the last possible second, we’ve got your back.

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