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Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

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Sometimes buying for your gearhead is easy. Sometimes it’s not. Either way, if you want to hit a home run this Christmas, we’ve put together a list to help you knock it out of the park.

At the very least, this handy gift guide will get you pointed in the right direction.

Pinstriped Pint and Rocks Glass Set

Enjoy pinstriped drinks at home for $19.99

Set Includes:

  • Two Pint Glasses
  • Two rock glasses
  • Available in red, blue or green pinstriping.

These glasses allow the gearhead in your life to show off their love of car culture, even when they’re sipping a drink by the fire during the holiday season. This set comes with two pint glasses and two rocks glasses, and is available with red, blue, or green pinstriping. (Bonus points if you order glasses with striping to match the hot rod in the garage.)

Styled by Shuten Hot Rod Shirts

Choose from 13 of Dave Shuten’s custom designs for $19.99

There’s something about a dressed-up performance engine that can be even more interesting than the car surrounding it. Hot rodder extraordinaire Dave Shuten created these shirts to celebrate the art of the hot rod engine. And there’s something for everyone, from a blown Ardun to an injected Hemi, 409 Chevy, and Nailhead Buick. And they’re all drawn in this dramatic white over black style that celebrates the design and performance of days gone by.

Retro 1955 Chevy Metal Pedal Car

A pedal car, parked neatly under the tree, starting at $239.99

Whether you’re shopping for a kid or a kid at heart, pedal cars make great gifts. These little ’55 Chevys are a cool tribute to the vintage pedal car and to the Tri-Five Chevy. They are available in red, blue, pink, and the hot rodder’s favorite black with flames. There's even a primered, customizable kit that leaves the painting and modification up to you.

Gearhead Gift Set

A little bit of useful & a little bit of fun for $49.99

Set Includes:

  • Original Speedway Motors Pinstripe Shirt
  • Black Speedway Motors baseball cap
  • Pair of Fuzzy Dice
  • 6 ½” tall Hula Girl dash ornament
  • Purple Speedway Motors Car Duster

If you know that special person in your life is into cars, but have no idea what to get them, this is a great place to start. We bundled together a few things that are useful, celebrate car culture, and are just plain fun. The Speedway car duster is perfect for keeping the family hot rod clean in the garage or at the show, while the pinstripe shirt and dad hat make the perfect accessories for a Saturday day at the show or in the garage. And the fuzzy dice and hula girl? Well, everyone needs those.

Car Show Essentials Detailing Kit

Help their pride and joy sparkle in the sun for $84.99

Detailing Kit Includes:

  • Lucas Slick Mist Kit
  • Insulated 6-Pack Cooler Bag
  • Wizards Prodcuts’ Water Bandit chamois
  • Purple Car Duster
  • 78” x 62” Carbon Fleece Blanket
  • Black Speedway Motors Baseball Cap
  • 2 Can Coolers

We put this handy kit together with everything necessary for a day at the car show. The Lucas detailing kit, Wizards chamois, and Speedway car duster are perfect for getting the car shined up and looking its best. When the work is done and the car is sparkling, kick back with a cold one from the insulated cooler bag and can coolers. There’s even a blanket with the Speedway Motors logo.

Speedway SBC/BBC V8 Engine Storage Stand, Lift Plate, and Leveler

Help them lift, store and install their V8 safely for $79.99

Engine Storage Kit Includes:

  • Lift Plate
  • Adjustable Leveler
  • Rolling stand

Car guys always seem to have spare engines. We may only have three pairs of socks, but there are at least four engine blocks in the garage. This kit not only makes it easy to pull and install almost any engine, but also offers a rolling stand to store spare Small and Big Block Chevys. The lift plate and adjustable leveler offer a safe way to lift the engine and make it easy to maneuver into place. And that rolling stand is just the thing to get that block you’ve been falling over off the floor and rolled out of the way until it’s needed.

AllStart 540 Micro-Boost Battery Charger/Jump Starter

Ditch jumper cables and instantly jumpstart a dead battery for $54.99

This handy little gadget made our Racer Gift Guide as well. Really, they are a great gift for just about anyone with a car. Believe it or not, these tiny jump packs store enough juice to jump a dead battery, yet they’re compact enough to be stored under the seat or in the glovebox. These can really save the day on a road trip.

Speedway Motors Gift Cards

One size really does fit all. Choose any amount between $10 & $200.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Don't panic. Speedway Motors offers gift cards in any amount from $10 to $200, and they never expire or have any fees. Choose from the traditional card in the mail (a perfect stocking stuffer) or an emailed gift card. eGift cards arrive immediately, so even if you’ve waited until the last possible second, we’ve got your back.

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