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EMI Feature-Brian Schnee

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This video tells just a small portion of the story that has made Brian Schnee a legend in the world of open wheel racing. He started 33 years ago in a rented shop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After suffering a tragedy early on in his career that would have caused many lesser men to hang up their welding helmets for good, Brian persevered, building up a business and a reputation.

Racing is a family affair, so it should come as no surprise that Brian’s brother in law is the legendary Doug Wolfgang. After building a couple winning cars for Doug in ’89, Schnee Chassis continued to grow. In 2013, Brian came to work for Eagle, building the Eagle and Schnee cars right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Brian is a mentor and an inspiration to our team. Not only because he’s a master craftsman, but because he’s still passionate about building sprint cars, even after doing it for over three decades. That passion comes through in every weld on every car.

Also, check out this video to hear EMi General Manager, Frank Galusha, tell the story of his friendship with Brian.

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